LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes Review (iOS.AppsGoer)

iOS.AppsGoer writes:"Warner Bros has just launched LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes ($4.99) for iPhone and iPad. You will meet dozens of familiar characters like Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Superman, Flash, Green Arrow and etc. The storyline is still about the fight between Batman and his perpetual enemy the Joker. Surprisingly, there are 80 playable roles in all and you can definitely get a lot of special and diversified gaming experience. However, the game’s size is way too big (1.33 GB)."

Adding that:"It’s just hard to define this game with one specific genre precisely. It’s an all-embracing game. You’ll find elements like action, role playing and puzzles etc. In particular, puzzles totally steal the thunder of the other elements."

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TheSuperior 1857d ago

Great review, might be trying this out myself soon :)

zalanis1857d ago

Ok could someone clarify why WB distributes this game on ios for $5, but $29 on 3DS?? Same thing happened to me when squareenix released ff3 and the world ends with you for ios. Why do 3ds versions of same game cost so much more??

Jek_Porkins1857d ago

It has to do with the money they have to pay to get them on handhelds/consoles. It is much cheaper to publish games on IOS, so the games end up being cheaper for consumers. Ironically, developers make more per game sold on IOS then they do on consoles/handhelds.