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Why the Girl Scouts will save the gaming industry

Ed Bradley writes: "The Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles have introduced a badge for game design that goes one further than the Cub Scouts’ version from two years ago. To achieve the award, girls will need to not only design their games but also program them. Initially I dismissed this as a dead-end story but on further thought I may have been discourteously premature." (Culture, Dev, industry, Industry, Tech)

Ask  +   548d ago
Seriously - all for more people taking gaming for the serious medium that it is. There's a lot gaming offers beyond film and music so we need to be recognised. We assume that this is the case but a lot of people still discredit the industry.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   547d ago
Well when you see the horrible business practices that companies get away with combined with how divided the community is about ANYTHING, any average joe would laugh at gaming....
TH3KARMACHARGER  +   547d ago
I agree, I know too many people that think that all gamers or anyone who plays games is a fat,lazy,violent good for nothing. I am sick of people not knowing that games can be much more than punch-shoot-laugh and thinking that anyone who likes them is a slob. I dont know why this is, It could be anything of not having an open mind to fear of change. Maybe some day we will get past that and Video games will be seen as the proper medium it is =-).

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