Pachter Comments on Microsoft's console reveal event

Microsoft made the right decision by copying Sony and hosting a console reveal event before E3, according to games analyst Michael Pachter.

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green1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

"I think Sony was smart to do a press reveal," he said on Twitter. "MSFT also smart. Better to build anticipation into E3, allows us to focus on games in June."

Where did Michael Patcher say that Microsoft is copying Sony? And how could it be copying when Microsoft did the exact samething 8 years ago by unveiling the XBOX 360 at a separate event a few weeks before E3.

Just another stupid article.

greenpowerz1851d ago

On N4G everybody copies Sony. Didn't you know?

have to feel bad for haters and pro Sony media spinners

neoMAXMLC1851d ago

"On N4G everybody copies Sony. Didn't you know?

LOL Possibly the most hypocritical thing I've ever read on this site.

FlunkinMonkey1851d ago

It's like a Niagara Falls worth of insipid verbal diarrhoea just comes tumbling out of that trap of yours..

The hypocrisy is outstandingly offensive, i swear you are cancer on this site.

Buy whatever console you like and just shut up, MS would be laughing at your pathetic nonsensical rants. Grow up. Please.

Count1851d ago

Poor greenpowerz. Everybody hates him. But in an alternate universe, he is as loved as StrongMan.

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whoyouwit041851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

If any thing Sony copied Microsoft. Microsoft was the first company to have a reveal event for a new console with the launch of the 360. But you sony fans wouldn't admit that.

Root1851d ago

Not trying to be a part of the "Sony fan" group you've mentioned because I don't believe in all that crap but you mean like how Microsoft fanboys won't admit that Kinect is basically an improved eye toy with a ton of advertising behind it

LOGICWINS1851d ago

Well when you put it that way, that pessimism can apply to everything.

The PS4 is just an optimized mid-ranged PC.

Xbox Infinite is just a cable box that plays COD and Halo.

A hot dog is only a skinnier version of a sausage.

darthv721851d ago

when are people going to get it right?

The "live vision" camera is the correct comparative to the original eyetoy.

PSeye is the "improved" eyetoy. Kinect is NOT an improved live vision but an evolved camer that exceeds even the pseye.

You are making the correlation because they are all camera based tech but that is where the similarities end.

The newly revealed sony pseye 2.0 or eyetoy 3 (whatever its called) will be more closer to the current kinect.

What makes them different is HOW they are utilized not just there being different companies making them.

Try putting things into the correct context next time.

TekoIie1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

"Not trying to be a part of the "Sony fan" group"

And you failed miserably. Your basically retaliating with a "tit for tat" response...

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Count1851d ago

Microsoft fanboys don't even care about the Kinect. Take it from someone that knows.

The ones that make a big deal out of Kinect are those that want to use it to make fun of the Xbox.

NobleTeam3601851d ago

flawless logic you got there.

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Williamson1851d ago

So now sony isnt allowed to host events? Lol wow another dumb copy allegation against sony, probally the dumbest one too.

Karpetburnz1851d ago

Both companies copy each other, The first Xbox was completely influenced by the PS2.

leejohnson2221851d ago

really MS came out with a console before anyone else? come on now, eye toy ? Sing star ? forza ?
what makes me laugh is people who are pro MS defending BS articles, i used to own a 360 but i don't now, but i also have no interest in what they release, so why would people who prefer MS care about sony at all.

NobleTeam3601851d ago

You claim to have no interest in what they release and yet you clicked on a article about something MS is releasing. LOL

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ZainabSaccal1851d ago

I personally looking forward to see the event... I think Microsoft will have an advantage raising the anticipation until E3 takes place :) this way they will release a thing after another in a span of month, unlike Sony, who "revealed" the console then they dozed off

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