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Why No Nintendo E3 Presser is Smart

Nintendo announced yesterday that it will be skipping the usual big budget press conference for this year’s E3 and instead will be focusing on smaller events focused on the software lineup. (E3, Nintendo, Wii U)

MariaHelFutura  +   856d ago
How people make skipping the usual big conference for your newly released system sound so casual, is beyond me. This is the first real E3 for the Wii U. If Nintendo doesn't have much confidence in the Wii U (to give it is routine coming out party), why should anybody?
Neonridr  +   856d ago
How about we actually wait and see what Nintendo does for E3. Sure we can all sit here and say they are doing the wrong thing, but wouldn't it be better to wait and see? For all you know, the 2 smaller events that they are planning on doing will be much better than a drawn out boring press conference.
MariaHelFutura  +   856d ago
Let me ask you this.

If the Wii U was flying of the shelves like The Wii, would they do this?

I think it's the inevitability of what has been being said. The Wii U isn't selling well, it has little to no games currently, it has no identity, no 3rd party support and new consoles are going to be shown excessively at E3.

And the answer to the question I asked is...No. If the Wii U was The Wii Nintendo would be having a massive conference (like they have every year). Nintendo will survive and could pull a miracle w/ The Wii U, but things aren't looking good as of now and they themselves obviously know that. I just hope Nintendo steps up their game after all this and stops making last gen systems.
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Trunkz Jr  +   856d ago
It has nothing to do with the Wii U, it's about the PS4/720. All the news and hype will be huge around these 2 systems, the only thing Nintendo has to show is games (I can't imagine them making a new 3DS remake).

So what they are doing is smart, announce/show games before hand, then have some available to play on their floor eg. New Super Smash Bros.
StraightPath  +   856d ago
the buzz will be the next gen consoles, If Nintendo weren't appearing at E3 at all then we could say they don't have confidence rather then jumping to conclusions...

but they still are going to be present but at much smaller scale. All we know they could just cut out the bullshit that is in these shows and cut to the chase. That is the games and reveal new titles for the Wii u and the 3DS.

I mean the Nintendo direct show was oozing with quality games. If they could do that again with more games and ones we haven't seen yet then people will know they still supporting their console and handhelds.

Here is what they could potentially show for the Wii U

- Bayonetta 2
- New Zelda
- New Mario ( Akin to 3D ones like Mario galaxy )
- New Mario Kart
- New Smash Bros
- Wii U Pokémon game
- More of wonderful 101
- Bunch of new IP'S
- Bunch of old IP'S Donkey Kong etc..

exclusive 3rd Party games

- Xenoblade 2
- No More Heroes 3
and many more...

the general consensus on N4G is Nintendo is not appearing at E3 at all.

Read people.
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Darrius Cole  +   856d ago
Platinum should do everything in its power to get Bayonetta 2 into the PS4 release window. They should offer Nintendo another game, change the name, re-release it in a package with Bayonetta 1, or do something else, JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN. Bayonetta was pure greatness. But right now the entire IP is going to go down with the Wii U. Platinum just can't afford to allow good IP's to fade away for nothing.

GOW, DMC, and NG just had games to release over the last year. There is a small window where Bayonetta 2 could be the only H&S game on the market. Platinum has to take advantage of that.

None of the other games need E3 or any special marketing to sell. Mario sells. Zelda sells. If Nintendo had something else to show us they would show it. Right now they know that they will be overshadowed, so they are moving out of the way.
Dj7FairyTail  +   856d ago
xenoblade 2 is first party
Moonman  +   856d ago
Still excited for Nintendo's E3 information! Some people may think they aren't being smart, but Nintendo wasn't made yesterday.
StraightedgeSES  +   856d ago
They are going to be at E3, Nintendo just not going to do a huge presentation. This is how they most likely will present there games

Related video
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yugovega  +   856d ago
awesome video. id love for a hd rerelease of goldeneye and banjo. now the question is would that win over hardcore gamers?
Roper316  +   856d ago
I personally haven't been interested in the Ninety E3 show since the Wii was released.
Myze  +   856d ago
Yeah, I think people forget that Nintendo does very well in the market, but their E3 presentations are generally embarrassing (Skyward Sword presentation, Reggie (in general), etc.).

It's not a major knock on Nintendo, since the E3 press event, while a big deal, is a small portion of video game advertisement in the long run.
XXXL  +   856d ago
The main complaint other than lack of games is that casual gamers can't differentiate between the original Wii and Wii U. Now you'd think Nintendo would want to use the Super Bowl of gaming shows to help show the distinction...... I just don't get it.
Godmars290  +   856d ago
Just says to me that they have little or nothing to show. That they're saving up what little they do have for their main market and TGS.
lilbroRx  +   856d ago
Nintendo never goes to TGS.
skyrimer  +   856d ago
No matter what Nintendo does, someone will say its a brilliant move sooner or later, you gotta love blind fanboyism
lilbroRx  +   856d ago
Actually, its commonly the exact opposite of what you just said that proves true.

People will twist all news about Nintendo negatively and dismiss all achievements. Also, any positivey or hopefulness displayed for Nintendo's decision is met with much antagonism such as your post.

When a game gets released that has problems on the Nintendo hardware version, people says its because Nintendo released week hardware. When devs say the Nintendo version of a game is better, they either switch from comparing consoles to comparing it to the PC or dismiss the game entirely.

When Nintendo makes a new first party game, they bash them as not making anything new I.P. and having no third party exclusives. When third parties make a game exclusive to Nintendo they bash the devs and Nintendo for not making the games for other consoles. When they Nintendo makes a new I.P. they find some way to bash it by, usually by saying its not like *XXXX* which would completely dismiss it being new if it were.

No matter what Nintendo does, someone will always find something negative to say about them in favor of their hardware manufacture which is usually Sony on here. That's blind fanboyism.
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from the beach  +   856d ago
They've developed a good brand with Nintendo Direct, which always delivers nice announcements and gets plenty of coverage - plus people now know to look forward to them.

It's sort of like the E3 keynotes but without the dull stuff we don't enjoy like extensive sales talk, multiplat games, Usher etc.
akaFullMetal  +   856d ago
This doesn't show a strong backing of their Wii U, but hey we all might be wrong, and they are moving in the right direction. If that is right, then E3 might be something that might go away if all 3 companies go that route. I hope not, I look forward to E3.
lilbroRx  +   856d ago
It doesn't show a strong backing of e3.

Everything they've said and done in the past month shows a strong backing of the Wii U. What this means is that they are taking a new approach.
Adnan_rules  +   856d ago
smashcrashbash  +   856d ago
If course it is. Bet you wouldn't be saying that if the others said that.What ever Nintendo does is always smart even when it isn't
Adnan_rules  +   856d ago
or nintendo will do a bunch of nintendo directs for the wii u which has been a big success lately hmm, they cut out all the bullshit that happens at E3

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