CD Projekt RED Explains The Multiple Endings In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

DSOGaming writes: "The Witcher 3 will feature three main epilogues, however there will be a number of summaries, describing what the player has achieved. In other words, the endings that CDPR advertised are not ‘real’ endings with cut-scenes, graphics and glorious visuals. Given that they are summaries, they will be most probably be similar to the text/image summaries of Dragon Age and Mass Effect 3."

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john21851d ago

really curious to see what these 'summaries' will be. Text-only, text with images, or animated images?

NYC_Gamer1851d ago

I'm happy CD Projekt realize that multiplayer doesn't belong in the game

ShiftyLookingCow1851d ago

"...similar to the text/image summaries of Dragon Age and Mass Effect 3"
Lets bloody hope not!

Maybe the epilogues themselves have some final cutscenes and summaries are about how you affected the rest of the world.

Otherwise just transport Gerald to modern Poland and give us a disco at the end. Infinitely superior to same ending videos with different colors.

john21851d ago

Most probably, the three epilogues will have their own final cutscenes and the summaries will be text/images. However, most gamers expected 40+ real endings and thought they'd be getting 40+ cutscenes, which doesn't sound likely.

Roccetarius1851d ago

As long as the endings aren't blue, green and red, then they already did something right. :P

Good thing is that CDPR noticed MP doesn't belong in the game.

noxeven1851d ago

As long as comes close to book series i will be super happy. Since we are never gonna get rest in English at the rate its been going

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