DICE asks us about new features of Battlelog 2.0

EB Games's leaked poster is not the only thing that confirm rumors about Battlefield 4 features. If you want to share your vision of Battlelog with its creators, then you should check that out.

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Yi-Long1856d ago

... let us connect with our youtube-account so we can upload our greatest moments to YT.

I guess EA would prefer us to use their own site, but their site usually sucks.

Skate-AK1856d ago

Well with a PS4, Youtube or video uploads should be easy.

majiebeast1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Dont require Origin to work.

cyguration1856d ago

Server emulation project is underway right now that negates the use of Origin.

Will also allow for mods, spectator mode and the removal of the blue tint.

majiebeast1856d ago

You serious? If thats true thats awesome i hate using Origin and bypassing that to play my legal copy of BF3 would be awesome. Thx for the news.

cyguration1856d ago

Can't edit my original post but here's the link:

You can sign up for the beta test now. Shocked this isn't already on N4G.


By far the most important feature in a game focused on team work.

_-EDMIX-_1856d ago

? Most servers have a channel for mics, if you just aks on the chat, they will give it to you. LOL!

I'm sorry if you've been playing it that way, this was a feature thats been used quite a bit since launch.

My friends just use the chat on Battlelog, Steam chat,Skype, but your right. EA and DICE should be providing that and anyone that doesn't want to be heard should just mute who they feel.

Battlelog = no buy on PC for me. I'm getting it on PS4. I just can't stand that crap.

gamedebater1856d ago

If Counterstrike 1.0 had it.... no reason why a team based shooter shouldn't. let's not defend their stupidity. We want it and NEED it to play BF properly : )

Shadonic1856d ago

I know its probably not going to happen but I would love a split screen mode so I could play with my bro's without having to buy another console.

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