New footage from the HOME presentation

New footage from the closed door HOME presentation in Japan.

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Lifendz3716d ago

I get both excited and angry. Excited at the thought of Home and how I'll probably never turn off my PS3 once it's out and angry because I want it now. As a matter of fact, we're almost in Q2 of 2008. Home should be here pretty soon....unless they delay it again.

ooop3716d ago

This pwns live! BOW before your new online king!

UrbanJabroni3716d ago

Home looks great _for what it does_. It is a very different product.

For playing games, Home doesn't give me any of the _in game_ benefits that are the reason I enjoy Live.

Can we all start comparing apples to apples? It is sort of like the common argument on this site:

Who care about that DLC, Fighter, puzzle game, whatever, it looks like crap compared to Killzone!

tweaker3716d ago

Wow is this what you call footage? More like a slideshow. lol

Mikelarry3716d ago

more footages weve got so many we can make our own home videos. we tired of footages. just release the damn thing

BeaArthur3716d ago

It's called spell check.

Lifendz3716d ago

maybe he didn't misspell that. Maybe he actually talks like that.

Neurotoxin3716d ago

New footage?!?.... What is it running at 1FPS Lmao.... title is really misleading, its a slideshow not footage.

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The story is too old to be commented.