No Nintendo E3 press conference is a good idea

From the article, "Yesterday, Nintendo caused ripples in the gaming world by announcing it would be dispensing with the annual Nintendo E3 press conference this year. Hearts broke. I admit that I was a bit sad when I heard the news, since every Nintendo E3 press conference I’ve been to has been filled with spectacular announcements of games I will most definitely love. Now, however, after the initial smoke has cleared, I believe this is the smartest decision Nintendo could have made."

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StrongMan2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Oh well. More time for Sony!

lilbroRx2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Positive Nintendo news, Sony bolstering comment at the top. Such originality!

Nintendo not being at e3 means that they no longer need it. The Nintendo direct's have become so popular that e3 is just a waste of time and money for them. Why go to a gamer bulge showing contest when you have better avenue's?

Even at last years e3, the Nintendo directs before and after were more popular than the actual e3 presentation. On top of that, they have no time constraints or technical difficulties to worry about like they had at the end of last years e3 2012.

Highlife2056d ago

well at least we won't get anymore of this.

guitarded772056d ago

@ lilbro

This isn't "Positive Nintendo news"... this is fanboy SPIN at its finest.

Nintendo not holding a major press event at E3 is a negative for gamers and the press. The only one it's positive for is Nintendo themselves, because they can have more control over what is shown, and how the public sees it. Limiting ANY damage control.

And before the Nintendo fan boys lynch me, it should be noted that I like Nintendo, I want Nintendo to succeed, I own every Nintendo console from their respected time periods. I bought the Wii U day 1... But I will not pretend to think Nintendo not having an E3 press conference is a good thing.

LOL_WUT2056d ago

They no longer need it? Wow! Just because the Wii U is not performing well and the PS4 and the 720 would most likely overshadow the console doesn't mean they can cowardly hide behind the curtains. ;)

Also if the rumors are true Sony is going to show off what the PS4 looks like before E3 and most likely the same thing will happen with the 720. So what is Nintendo so afraid of? E3 would most likely be to show off the games from both Sony and Microsoft.

nirwanda2056d ago

Thats like saying our films don't need the cinema because more people watch our films at home, without realizing that its the cinema and the trailers that create the hype for the film in the first place.

camel_toad2056d ago

I have to disagree. They DO need a strong presence at e3. The only people that pay any attention to Nintendo Direct are the ones that already have a ds/wii/wii u. They need to draw in more people that don't already have a Nintendo system.

I really think their minimal appearance at E3 is because they know it will spotlight the weaknesses of the wii u compared to the ps4/720.

rezzah2056d ago

This is an optimistic view on a rather negative situation.

Trunkz Jr2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

This has nothing to do with the Wii U, they just don't have much to show compared to the showing of a PS4 AND a 720. I'm not undermining games, but it's smarter for them to get release dates and etc online and before E3, then setup demos of many of the games for ppl to try out.

guitarded772056d ago

@ rezzah

Is that a nice way of saying "delusional"?

rezzah2056d ago


The word didn't come to mind, but I'm unsure if it fits.

Saying he or she is delusional is saying with absolution, that he or she is wrong in being positive.

guitarded772056d ago

@ rezzah

It was a joke :/

Mounce2055d ago

"Nintendo not being at e3 means that they no longer need it"

Well, goes to show if Nintendo's arrogant, then their fans are arrogant under similar concepts of bolstered confidence which is groundless.

E3 is about business and expanding, to show what you have and what people can expect. NO ONE is 'Too good' for being a flashy business person and going to public conventions to reveal things and entice fucking consumers. CONSUMERS of which Nintendo isn't having very much of lately.

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MariaHelFutura2056d ago

Not attending E3 due to the circumstances, is a bad idea. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just trying to make themselves feel better about it. The mind is a tricky place, don't let it get the best of you.

StraightPath2056d ago

From what I read on N4G comments people actually think nintendo will not appear or hold a conferance at while iwata says they will be a conferance but a smaller scale one? So they are still there as normal do N4G people even read past titles?

Aaroncls72056d ago

Here it comes,Nintendo fans and hopefuls trying to interpret a catastrophe into a good thing.

To each their own; but I think that being a in denial will only cause further disappointment. I love a great number of N's games; but as a company the just suck. It's been a series of bad and poor decisions one after the other; including a disturbing lack of technical improvement and an apparent fear of taking risks.

The took a very opportunistic shot with the Wii U, it didn't pay off and now they are facing some serious consequences.

Embarrassingly shying away from the most important video game conference of the year shows they don't have anything to shift interest back on their side.

avengers19782056d ago

Simple... This will save Nintendo money, but will it help the wii u move off store shelves... And you can pretty much take this as a sign there will be no different model announced or no price cut coming anytime soon. Showing your games off to retailers and gaming media should come second to showing what you got to gamers... You know the people that might buy your system. And trust me part of wiis success came from the fact that you couldn't find one... They were constantly sold out, witch the media jumped all over... And I don't mean gaming media either... They showed the wii on CNN and talk about how fun it was and how impossible they were to find... So when people saw them in stores they were quick to pick one up. None of the hype the wii had has followed the wii u

2056d ago
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Neonridr2056d ago

I agree with this article. While it's always cool to have some dramatic presentation to reveal big name games or previously unknown gems, 9 times out of 10 the conferences are incredibly boring. E3 2012's press conference was a snoozer. If they plan on just doing smaller events that focus on the games, then I feel that they can still get their message out.

I guess time will tell to see if this is a failed experiment or not. Worst case scenario, they were wrong about it and then have a press conference at E3 2014.

NYC_Gamer2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

I believe its a bad move because E3 is real mainstream/streamed on many web sites and even shown on tv

Root2056d ago

Yeah....I mean do they really believe smaller events at E3 will be better then a mainstream, traditional, press conference.

Honestly...Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart U and Super Smash Bros U deserve a huge show presentation.

pompombrum2056d ago

This, by not having a conference it could easily be perceived as them almost throwing in the towel.

Ilovetheps42056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

I would disagree. They are having a conference for just games. They are skipping all the sales that (most) gamers don't care about. They are going to just do that in a seperate meeting, but they are going to instead have a meeting for just games but not on a grand stage. I have no problem with that because honestly, as a gamer, that's all I care about. Never count Nintendo out.

Testfire2056d ago

@ Ilovetheps4,
Those small events are for retailers, media and investors only, they won't be broadcast. They do nothing to promote hype among gamers and especially for the potential Wiiu buyers waiting for good information to make buying decisions. Nintendo Directs are fine and all, but casuals and potential future Wiiu owners don't search them out. EVERYONE watches E3, it's the biggest stage in North America for gaming.

StraightedgeSES2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

I have to disagree with you NYC_Gamer. Look at the event for the PS4 that got a lot of media coverage and that wasn't at a E3 event .

Root2056d ago

because it was also a mainstream event and they hyped it up for over a month.

Nintendo directs are mostly watched by die hard Nintendo fans who already have Nintendo products. Whats the point doing smaller direct like shows when they should be showing off stuff to everyone with an E3 conference

StraightedgeSES2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Even if they are doing a Nintedo Direct the news will still be reported by N4G IGN, Neo Gaf, and all the other gaming websites. I still don't see this as a bad thing. Nintendo is just presenting the News in a more organized way.

Ck1x2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

E3 is not as mainstream as you would like to believe...
If that were the case it would get air time on Fox, NBC, ABC or CBS and that's just not the case. E3 is a big show put on for the journalist to convey to the fans, that's all! In the end most of us watch the press conferences by internet probably anyways. I don't care how they get the info out I just want to hear about new games that's all. Now if E3 was open to the public, then this news would be absolutely chaotic on Nintendo's part, but the mainstream press don't really care for Nintendo anyways, so of course they are going to be pissy about this.

_QQ_2056d ago

save your fingers,logic doesn't fly well on this site.

yeahokchief2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )


the wii u is not a gaming device. it is a family entertainment center. look at how it is marketed.

it's for family activities and young children. gamers play on sony, microsoft or pc.

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majiebeast2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

You cant get the magic of an audience on a Nintendo direct.

You wont get Konami E3 2010 in a direct video format.

Best E3 press conference ever!

LOGICWINS2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )


I don't get your point. What difference does it make if Nintendo(or any company for that matter) has an audience at their presentation?

I think what your saying is that a screaming audience excites viewers watching at home, hence making them more excited for a game. Not necessarily the case. I will never care for Zelda or SSBB no matter how loud/excited an audience is because these games don't appeal to me. The same can be said for Halo, Gears, The Last Guardian, LBP etc.

lilbroRx2056d ago

Saying they haven't is one thing, but saying they "can't" is another.

The beauty of Nintendo directs is that Nintendo has freedom to do whatever it wants, so it can.

You can't get the atomic megaton that was Bayonetta 2 being announced exclusive to the Nintendo Wii U at e3.

jcnba282056d ago

Every 3DS-related Nintendo Direct has been better than any E3 presentation in the past 8 years, so this really isn't a huge loss.

Just keep the Nintendo Directs coming throughout the year with tons of awesome 3DS/Wii U games.

The PC "AAA Blockbuster" movie/FPS consoles can keep E3.

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