Releasing Lost Planet 3 at the end of the year would be 'hopeless', says Capcom

Next-gen buzz would kill Lost Planet 3's chances if it missed August ship date, producer suggests.

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jc485731669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

and you didn't have time to change the character's look? He looks nothing like the character in the CG.

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Root1669d ago

They don't have much hope in this they

bunt-custardly1669d ago

No, it's publishing three negative slant news stories in one day.

Headline 1: Lost Planet 3: The End of Capcom's Collaboration Generation

Headline 2: Capcom: Spark got Lost Planet 3 job because 'good' developers wouldn't want it

Headline 3: Releasing Lost Planet 3 at the end of the year would be 'hopeless', says Capcom

GodsPerfectK7ng1669d ago

Make the game as fast as humanly possible Capcom godspeed!!!!:)

MilkMan1669d ago

Look, I'm gonna get this game no matter what. But I am in the minority here.
As it is, the chances of it being a success is difficult. I am concerned about my hobby and the industry but I can only do so much. This year so far I've bought well over 1500 worth of games. But I cant sustain the industry by myself.

If this game goes past August. I don't see it selling anything.

Its a shame cause it looks like a lot of work went into it and I am jazzed to see what this new take on the this ailing series will bring.

I would have left out the MP and stuck with a fantastic SP experience, but checklists must be observed.

kreate1669d ago

Nthing gonna happen to the industry just cuz this game fails.
But u might not see another lost planet game.
If so, im sorry, Im not buying this at all.

Ill buy other games in place of this one so I can help sustain the industry.

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