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Two new amazing next-gen real-time fluid physics demos by PhysX

Fluid simulation technique via the utilization of a Position Based Dynamics approach.

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Makasu1697d ago

Wow! Can't wait for next-gen water! :D

Liber8or1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

You won't see this 'next-gen'. Even a PS4 could not render this in real-time in a fully developed game like Skyrim.

Blackdeath_6631696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

i have to agree. also this isn't next gen it says at the start of the video its running on a GTX680 which has been out for over a year now. really puts into context what console gamers consider next gen and what is already been available on pc. also its a small demo that doesn't take into account the whole game. would be interesting to see a demonstration of physX on a GTXTitan and on a larger scale. ...but having said that the demo shown in the playstation meeting conference with the falling particles looked alright

Arai1697d ago

Technology is scary sometimes, scary in a good way.

RBlue_Desire1696d ago

That we are getting close for real life matrix? Or like that of movie "GAMER".

Oculus Rift and next gen graphics.........

-Falaut-1696d ago

The first demo I felt that the water looked amazing when contained in a area, but as soon as it "flowed out" of something, like the breaking fish tank, you can definitely see the granular tech underneath it.

Shtill nice though.

hennessey861696d ago

It used 1 gtx680 to render that tiny bit of water at 15 fps, I'll see you next next gen then

Eldyraen1696d ago

Console optomization 'might' get you one wicked looking fish tank simulator but not a real game on top of that level of physics rendered realtime.

They could water it down some (pardon the pun) similar to Borderlands 2 physx options (acid fluidity) but the difference would be huge on any reasonably scaled application of it. What techdemos usually show (especially by 'tech' companies) are rarely viable for years to come outside of smaller applications (Tressfx--limited use helped performance loss but still signicant at times).

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The story is too old to be commented.