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Next-Gen Xbox Reveal: Pachter – ‘We’ll Get The Same Thing We Got At The Sony Event’

X360: Microsoft’s May event is primed to show off a ‘new generation’ Xbox but analyst Michael Pachter believes we’ll get an event similar to Sony’s, but we will get to see the console this time. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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NYC_Gamer  +   900d ago
I agree,the event will be based around hardware and features.
Dailynch  +   900d ago
I do hope we at least get to see the thing this time and not just the controller. Sony's event was exciting, but not seeing the machine itself was a huge mistake.
paranoid1971  +   900d ago | Intelligent
People don't buy consoles because of the way they look,they buy them for what they can do.
majiebeast  +   900d ago | Well said
Sony gave a technical rundown of the PS4. I rather have that then see the shiny box they put it into.
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Karpetburnz  +   900d ago
I don't see how its a mistake? people are just curious what it will look like.

Sony will probably show off the console at E3.
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MasterCornholio  +   900d ago
Guess what?


The PS4 is a real console.

Deal with it
greenpowerz  +   900d ago | Well said
He never said they buy them for the way they look. Showing a console at its own reveal will show the company is in a healthy position to talk about it and then launch it when promised. It shows it's a well thought out plan/hardware/strategy/service . Boasting and blustering what it will be or what it will possibly do when they are done brain storming it, seeming like a knee-jerk reaction is something even average Joe can pick up on and worry a bit.

You don't walk on stage boasting about Gaikai and then in the same speech tell the world you don't know how it's going to work and it's not even finished, out on stage saying this is what it could do if we work on that.

It's not so much the lack showing hardware at a *console reveal* giving insight on Sony but the changed specs, all Sony's devs were old specs up until the desperate reveal after Sony caught wind of what MSFT might be up to.

They only showed and talked about the Controller and not the hardware core services and camera because that is all Sony had ready due to the forced desperate reveal move to try and kill what they knew was coming from MSFT

#deal with it
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SegaSaturn669  +   900d ago
I always thought the console was made for its performance abilities. If it looks like a turd, hide it in a cabinet.

That being said, the design showing inputs, and how effective the heat dissipation is implemented in the design are important.

I'd like to see some more durability this generation.
Minato-Namikaze  +   900d ago
Because the system needs to match your drapes, or bedding? It'll be a black box that you stick under the entertainment system and look at every so often. Had this been E3 and they didnt show the console then i'd say it was a misstep.
Computersaysno  +   900d ago
If the next Xbox is slower than PS4 and Microsoft know it is, they won't go into a technical run down. They will avoid it.

They won't want to get into a horsepower battle in the press, if they know they are going to lose.

Smart PR is to focus on your own strengths and your own aims. Draw your own battle lines, fight the competition where you choose and prefer, pick your own battles.

Microsoft will surely emphasise their online features with Xbox live and connectivity. They will go on and on about social gaming and possibly Kinect 2.0, online and offline social gaming with family and friends.

They are gonna pitch this console more mainstream, try and cast the net to casuals and the core by showing varying titles in those molds.

Most casuals don't want to hear half an hour hardware technical breakdown, even if the core probably does.
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Sevir  +   900d ago | Well said
I find that funny considering that at E3 2005 when sony announced tge ps3
They showed a box mock up of the system, but nothing was functional. Not even the hardware, it was a year and a half away from release, not like the PS4 which is at latest 10 months away, and We got Target CGI renders not running on actual hardware and people loved it.

but Sony has a reveal for the PS4 and they Show Actual interfaces, Live Gameplay Demos running on prototype hardware (Not CGI Targets) and a list of confirmed hardware specs and a working functional controller and camera people complain because they didn't see a shell of the console hardware?

We got more than we ever got with the PS4 reveal that E32005 with Sony. If you'd rather an empty box with nothing in it and a bunch of CGI target renders than knowing what the system can do and demonstrations of what the innards of the box can do then have at it.
thechosenone  +   900d ago
So Patcher and MS must have thought that what Sony showed off at their event was pretty damn good if what they're planning to show more of is similar.
Dlacy13g  +   900d ago
To those saying its no big deal Sony didnt show off the actual console... while I agree ultimately it may not matter long term it was very out of the ordinary. Name another successful consumer hardware maker that unveils a major new device to the world without showing the actual device? It just doesn't typically happen.
ALLWRONG  +   900d ago
"People don't buy consoles because of the way they look,they buy them for what they can do"

Nice spin
SCW1982  +   900d ago
Although it was frustrating I would say Sony not actually showing the console was a genius move from a marketing standpoint. Just look at all the hype and speculation people say over just the actual shell of the device. And soon we will see Sony's sexy design revealed.
Riderz1337  +   900d ago
I prefer to know what the box can do, not what the box looks like.
nukeitall  +   900d ago
It's called marketing, and part of it is to make it "real", as instant gratification as possible and obtainable.

Having a console certainly helps, but let's face it, only the hardcore of the hardcore watches this sort of thing.

Everyone else sort of listens and finds out probably way after the console is launched.
shadow2797  +   900d ago
"Name another successful consumer hardware maker that unveils a major new device to the world without showing the actual device?"

Nintendo? (Wii-U)
pete007  +   900d ago
the mistake was indeed not showing the console running games. my opinion, cause i do remember all the hype before ps3, all those videos and the colossal gen jump that never was.
till i see a real ps4 running software before my eyes, ill not believe a word from sony. and all thjose wonder features even less. now lets seat and wait .
im with you green
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nypifisel  +   900d ago
Mistake? lol. Ask yourself this, have there been a console yet you wouldn't buy solely cause you thought it was too ugly? If anyone answers 'yes' on this question, you're stupid I'm sorry.
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FlunkinMonkey  +   900d ago
Greenpowerz ALLWRONG and nukeitall

You are really something else, it's impressive the amount of garbage that comes out of those orifices of yours.. Impressive. Deluded is an understatement.

All you do is clutch at straws, and it's tiresome to read...infact you make my eye balls bleed.

PS4 did everything it needed to do and more. So it didn't show the console? Is that all you've got? You are all laughable
Freedomland  +   900d ago
That event was about the future of playstation brand and what they have already planned, it was not to unveil ps4. Sony mentioned before the event. I don,t know why people think that that was unveiling of ps4. Sony will unveil ps4 at E3 i think.
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Freedomland  +   900d ago

Why do you think that both companies are afraid of each other, mate they are doing business like lot of other companies in the world and both are giants and they have their own products and strategies. If Mcdonald and KFC or Pepsi and Coca Cola can co-exist, they can also.
Just shut up and stop insulting others and buy whatever console you like.
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Sideras  +   900d ago
We'll the design of the console won't matter, they gave us the specs. It might aswell be a cardboard box with the components in it.
MysticStrummer  +   900d ago
It was a huge mistake to not show the PS4 to people who don't want it anyway, apparently.

@ALLWRONG - Only on N4G would reality be called "spin". PS4 could be incredibly ugly. Gamers will say "Damn that's ugly." and buy it anyway.

@Greenpowerz - Yeah Sony was afraid of what MS was doing... meanwhile the majority of the rumors about what MS is doing favor Sony. That makes all kinds of sense. lol
hesido  +   900d ago
Still don't get people who complain about Ps4 form factor not being shown.

It's like they'll have to buy the console without knowing how it looks. At worst you'll see it before you buy the console. However, you will not know a shred about PS4's functionality by seeing how it looks. What the box does is more important to know, and that's what Sony gave us during and after the reveal.
Divine  +   900d ago
yea sony is smart though. because i bet while ur seeing how the 720 looks you'll be saying " i cant wait to see how the ps4 box will look/ or i wonder what ps4 will look like". so even during xbox conference sony will be haunting youuu . lol
Xer0_SiN  +   900d ago
so...accordong to your logic, you would rather have a console reveal, similar to what nintendo did with the wii u, veiling all technical aspects of the system; vs, sony giving you all technical aspects of the console, showing you what it can do, and save the hardware for a later date? LOL....get out.
noctis_lumia  +   900d ago
they kept this for E3 so nope it wasnt abig mistake
NegativeCreepWA  +   900d ago
The controller is one of the most important parts of a console, it's how you'll be interacting with it for the next 5-10 years.

It's actually the main reason I prefer one console over the other.
Hayabusa 117  +   900d ago
No, I hope they show some freakin' games running. If all they show is hardware and features I'd be bitterly disappointed.
IIZANGETSUII  +   900d ago
look at those disagrees hahah many psfanboys got butthurt, shame on you guys
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ziggurcat  +   900d ago
@ greenpowerz:

delusional as ever...
MaxXAttaxX  +   900d ago
Not showing the console early gives the FANS something to look forward to at E3.
It keeps people interested and the PS4's momentum going, which is something that bothers people like 'greenpowerz' 'nukeitall' and 'ALLWRONG', who call it a "spin" and fear those bad rumors about the next Xbox becoming true.
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andibandit  +   900d ago
Imagine Apple showing the Ipod for the first time without the actual Ipod.
avengers1978  +   900d ago
This maybe the first time I agree with patcher... They will probably focus on games and features, as opposed to the design of the console. I am looking for new ips from Xbox, so I hope they show that
Nafon  +   900d ago
and it will actually show the console lol
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   900d ago
They already said this. On Major Nelsons page, they said that May 21rst is about the Console. Then E3 is going to be about the games.

Remember I told you here that RARE is coming out with a water based game at launch....

NYC_Gamer  +   900d ago
Any more details?
Hayabusa 117  +   900d ago
Are you some sort of diety?
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Tapioca Cold  +   900d ago
To all below and above: Why does it have to be so black and white for all of you?

Why is it Microsoft will either show the console or not? Who cares? If they show it, they show it. If they don't they don't. Sony decided not to show theirs. So? Both of these consoles will be great. These are exciting times.

You fanboys get your panties twisted over every little thing.
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showtimefolks  +   900d ago
MS has to atleast Match sony's specs for PS4

also show atleast 2-3 new IP's

talk as little about kinect and apps for ordering pizzas and more about actual gaming software

1st Impression is very important just look at how much positive media attention ps3's 1st announcement got, so now the ball is in MS's court
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davidmccue  +   900d ago
Well obviously...............

Major Nelson: "On that day, we’ll share our vision for Xbox, and give you a real taste of the future. Then, 19-days later at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, we’ll continue the conversation and showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games."

source: http://majornelson.com/2013...
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nthstew  +   900d ago
it wont be same unless they show the box and controller and reveal full hardware specs...
and please no TV junk talks like Sony did :"
famoussasjohn  +   900d ago
Too bad for you in regards to the TV portion..

"On Tuesday May 21st, we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment."

If the cable box is what they're going to reveal, that sounds rather awesome.
SCW1982  +   900d ago
I fail to see how a cable box that doesn't promote new inventive and interesting IP's is awesome. Please bring the exclusives Microsoft than and only than will I consider purchasing your systems again.
PeaSFor  +   900d ago
peoples have youtube and .torrent, dont care at all about MS tv thingy, they already shove tons of ads down peoples throats on the dashboard....i cant imagine how many orifices will be violated with their silly tv thing...
famoussasjohn  +   900d ago
Please don't ruin the controller. Just make the D-Pad better.
Minato-Namikaze  +   900d ago
They have to change the analog sticks. I think i might not be the only one in the world andi'm willing to bet that other people also have symmetrical hands.
Knight_Crawler  +   900d ago
I hope not...I dont like the DS3 becuase the anolog sticks are too close together and I have big hands so I keep hitting my thumbs together.
playstation4gamer   900d ago | Spam
maniacmayhem  +   900d ago
Lol, the new buzz word is "symmetrical". The analog sticks on the 360 pad are perfectly placed. In most of the games you would use the left analog to control the character and use the right to control the camera. It's rare you would use both at the same time for a long period of gameplay.

So your symmetrical argument that has just been a recent buzz term here on N4G doesn't really hold weight.
-Falaut-  +   900d ago

"... I have big hands so I keep hitting my thumbs together..."

That has to be one of the stupidest things I read today.
FunkMacNasty  +   900d ago

The asymetrical analogue sticks are IMO the best feature about the 360 controller. I have large hands and when I play on playstation, my thumbs always tend to smash into each other when playing TPS/FPS games. I also think the triggers feel more "weighted" and in general the control has a nice chunky feel in my hands.. overall very ergonimic.

Edit: @ Falaut - lol.. what so stupid about having large hands!? Everyone's body is different, that's why there are diferent sized clothes, shoes, etc.. I have the same issue with the DS3 that Knightcrawler does.

@ playstation4gamer - so this is news.. someone who has "playstation" in their username doesn't like the xbox controller and doesn't know anyone else who does either. Shocking.
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Good_Guy_Jamal  +   900d ago
Symmetrical huh? When I play Forza 4 my left thumb is up at the left analogue and my right thumb is up at the face buttons. Symmetry. This is true for all other racing games, fighting games, sports games, side scrolling games, and hack n slash games. The only time my thumbs aren't in symmetry is when I play shooters. Can you say the same about the DS3? In most games, the right thumb rests on the face buttons, very asymmetrical so I don't know why ps fans always run to the symmetry excuse for DS.
When you're actually playing a game, how symmetrical hi the DS3?

I'm not the only one that that thinks this, many 3rd party controller manufacturers share my view. Do a google image search for 3rd party ps3 controller and count the number of times you spot a ps3 controller with the sticks swapped around.
Do the same thing with 3rd party controllers.
Note how a majority of 3rd party ps3 controllers come in the 360 configuration and zero 3rd party xbox controllers come in the ps3 configuration.
3rd party companies know what we all know, this is not 1996 anymore. Time to note with the times.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   900d ago
@ Minato-Namikaze

LMFAO, you people kill me with your whole "symmetrical" argument.

Which way do your thumbs naturally point? The point up, so it's actual physical enforcement to to keep your thumbs in a symmetrical position to use the PS controller.

The PS controllers FORCE your thumbs to be in a strained position for long duration's of time. Do you know what happens when your joints are consistently forced into a position which puts constant strain on them?


The 360 controller is more ergonomically correct which in itself allows for not only better comfort on the joints but also less strain on them. This is why, as Good_Guy_Jamal has already pointed out, no 3rd parties make a PS symmetrical controller for an MS system while they do make a MS style controller for the PS3.

Controller manufacturers KNOW where they will make most of their business from.

So long as Sony continues with the symmetrical controller layout, it will NEVER be a better controller then MS's. FACT whether you like it or not. Only fanboys think that the PS controller is a more comfortable controller then the xbox's.
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Bnet343  +   900d ago
change the analog sticks lol. shut up with that, the analog sticks are in the perfect place. just like the dreamcast and the gamecube controller. analog is in the right place no one is complaining about that.
MysticStrummer  +   900d ago
Wow. Look at all the people who bought MS marketing about that controller hook line and sinker. You guys are the reason why having the word Infinite as part of the marketing for NextBox is a great idea.

Man people are amazing.

The triggers on that controller are better design than Sony's, and the ends of the analogs. It is not more ergonomic.

"The PS controllers FORCE your thumbs to be in a strained position for long duration's of time."

lol No. smh

"no 3rd parties make a PS symmetrical controller for an MS system"

They make adapters to use PS controllers on 360.
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Zerotino  +   900d ago
Its having large hands is the reason I hate the 360 controller. That unnecessary big hunk of plastic on the back keeps squeezing my fingers into the controller or digging into them.
I've never hand a problem with the DS3 and 'hitting my thumbs together.
ichimaru  +   900d ago
this. that controller it's literally perfect. maybe pressure sensitive buttons like the DS2 but that's not a desk breaker
gameonbro   900d ago | Spam
ichimaru  +   900d ago
really? dint know that. so mgs4 didn't use pressure sensitive buttons
wolokowoh  +   900d ago
@gameonbro While your correct about the face buttons, it's important to clarify the D-Pad is still pressure sensitive and the all the shoulder buttons are now analog, which a fancy way they're all pressure sensitive. You probably know this but your comment is written in a way that could be misinterpreted by those who don't. The only games that use the face button's pressure sensitivity to any substantial effect where racing games and most of those have moved the accelerator pedal from the X button to the triggers this generation. It kind of sucks because I prefer the X button for acceleration personally but it's a minor issue.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   900d ago
I hope the analog sticks this gen don't start moving on their own or maybe MS will give us the option of tweaking their deadzones.

Perhaps I just got a bad controller.
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BattleReach  +   900d ago
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Williamson  +   900d ago
Sony not showing the console wasnt a big deal, whats the rush? They have plenty of time to roll out details.
_-EDMIX-_  +   900d ago
Agreed. It would be stupid to do a whole tell all and still have the whole year to say what? Nothing?

LOL! They are right to dribble out info from time to time. It keeps people wanting to see more.

Plus the way people see events like this, they look at them like "tell alls" and expect to see and know everything. Why would the leave 1 impression to the market and allow them to make such a decsion?

Look at it like this, MOST people just want to see, games, system, release date, price. Once those things are known, you don't have much of a reason to keep going online for info. If MS just shows EVERYTHING on the 21st, many will have it in there minds that they know enough to make a decision, and I think thats just too stupid and bad marketing.

MS and Sony will not show 100% of there hand in one event. They want to slowly sell you this. Many people thought the PS4 reveal was "underwhelming", yes I know quite strange, but if those same few saw a price, release date and system they would already in there minds not want a PS4.

They feel they know enough. After its all said and done, E3, Gamescon, TGS etc we'll know enough to just stop caring about what MS or Sony says after a certain point. We would had seen enough to factor in a decision. Doing this too early could cause people to stop viewing some events with the understanding that they feel they know enough.
OrangePowerz  +   900d ago
After the comment MS made after the Sony event for not showing the hardware they won't get around showing it.

I hope they don't spend too much time talking about Kinect 2.0 or TV functions because I couldn't care less about that stuff for a games console. I want to know speccs, see games and hear about features that are important for games.
Wikkid666  +   900d ago
Almost positive they will show the console.

Might tell us the price and release date, but doubt it. I think those pieces will be saved for E3.
BrianC6234  +   900d ago
Of course Pachter would say that. He already called Microsoft the winner for the next generation. What a dope.
sorane  +   900d ago
Who would ever listen to this guy? He's been shooting total crap out of his mouth for years now......
user6211029   900d ago | Spam
sway_z  +   900d ago
Microsoft may choose to hold back showing the console until E3 along with some awesome looking games (hopefully)....but again, MS were quick to criticize Sony for not showing hardware. MS will look bad if they don't show Xbox.

Now, if Sony have another reveal prior to E3, Sony will probably show their console, in which case MS may have to go all out and definitely show Xbox on May 21st....it's like a game of chess.

Check Mate!
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Dlacy13g  +   900d ago
There is ZERO chance MS comes on stage May 21st without an actual box to show off.
IronFistChinMi  +   900d ago
MS didn't "criticize" Sony, Major nelson just commented that it was "one way of announcing it". Tongue in cheek comment, nothing more.
Jek_Porkins  +   900d ago
Hopefully they show the console, these designs have never really been such secrets before, Microsoft showed off the Xbox and the Xbox 360 at their own events before E3 and actually showed the consoles. Hopefully they show the console, talk about the features and specs, show off a few games, I don't really care too much for tech demo's showing me what can be done, I want to see what's being done now.

Hold off on the majority of the games for E3 so you can have a killer show!
RuleofOne343  +   900d ago
All i want to know is when can I pre-order it or pay for it all in one lump sum & just wait for release. I may even get two if find out soon enough.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   900d ago
I always keep reading this guy's name as Patcher.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   900d ago
Lol ur not alone on that one.
MrDead  +   900d ago
Until you pointed it out I thought it was Patcher.
jmac53  +   900d ago
They will show the console, controller, features and a few teasers of what to expect at E3. Microsoft is late to the hype train so they will definitely want to drop some bombs at this and finish us off at E3.
Swiggins  +   900d ago
Over everything else, the one thing that I wanna see at that event is Microsoft stepping up, and showing off some new games and IP's.

Sony showed off a healthy diversity of games, and even announced a few that looked really awesome. I hope Microsoft do the same.

The thing that's always perplexed me about Microsoft is that technically they have as many IP's under their control than Sony...they just choose not to capitalize on them.

Where's my Banjo and Kazooie? Where's my Perfect Dark? Where the hell is my sequel to Jade Empire? How about you drop the Kinect Gimmick and give me a REAL Steel Battalion game!
urwifeminder  +   900d ago
Will pre order as soon as its announced.
stage88  +   900d ago
1. Change the cheap controller design and FFS put the analog stick symmetrical. My left hand doesn't have a 4 inch thumb.
jacksheen0000  +   900d ago
I think Pachter is wrong.....

MS isn't stupid. it would be pointless to present the Same Thing We Got At The Sony Event. I believe MS is going focus on different things that the PS4 isn't capable of...Like software for one. MS will mostly likely talk about their development tools/ software that are compatible with DX11. Something the PS4 can't do entirely.

I also believe MS is going to talk about the kinect and how it differs from the 360's kinect hardware.

Oh and of course MS have to say why PS4's ram wouldn't make much of a difference.

Also, MS will talk about The interactive virtual kid they've been working on for years.

Of course new IPS
#21 (Edited 900d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
fsfsxii  +   899d ago
The ignorance in this comment is beyond anything i've seen.
Everything you've mentioned above was present in the Sony event. And people stil want that little kid?? I thought its a game for those who don't make kids. /s
jacksheen0000  +   899d ago

No wonder you have one bubble.

well, I don't ever recall Sony talking about the PS4's development tools at their announcement. All they kept saying is that the PS4 is easy to make games for which isn't saying much.

Now being that MS is a software company they will mostly use their experience in software development to their advantage.That being said, DX11 will be something I personally think MS should use since most development software/tools nowadays are build from the ground up using DX11.

Mind you MS have spent million(maybe even billions) developing the Kinect hardware/software because it make money for them. The kinect is widely use by over a dozen industries(medical/science/3D application/etc so it I think it would be smart for MS to embrace the kinect even further to grab all of those industry attention I mentioned above.

PS4 main focus was to gain the core market attention while I think MS will focus on both market(core / casuals) so that why I say MS announcement wont be the same as Sony's announcement.

I look at things logically and my reputation on NG4 have always been different from everyone else commits. Oh, If I remember correctly, someone on here said I was nuts for making a commit that they thought was off the wall. I said Nintendo did not have the man power or the resources to make games in a timely manner a few months ago and look what happened. Nintendo don't have any games out and it been over 5 months. Nuff said!!
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kingPoS  +   900d ago
Ok so far I know the nextbox will be mandated to be DLNA Premium Video complaint and have a low power state. To my knowledge this mandate has been delayed to 2014 by Tivo.

What has me curious is that Sony hasn't mentioned anything at all about that mandate. Secondary custom chip indeed.
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ahm  +   900d ago
So, eventually they will out on store shelves.
MadMen  +   900d ago
Who Gives 2 $hits rather there was a woman involved in SONYs event. Having X amount of men and X amount of women is for the weak thinking and the government minded.

Companies chose who they please, its not for you to say, dont like it? Dont buy it.
Garrison  +   900d ago
You guys don't even know whats going down, I already got the scoop on all this. MS is going to give hardcore gamers the best from it's franchises along with amazing new titles.
First, they are actually going in with amazing titles from Rare, Expect to see a brand new Perfect Dark title that will blow everyone away. Killer Instinct, Banjo and Jet Force Gemini all coming from Rare. Also coming in are great sequels to Blue Dragoon and Lost Odyssey coming in hot straight from Japan.
Also a brand new MechAssault is under way.
I'm telling y'all, MS is really going to focus on the games this time and will actually take care of it's franchises that are not Halo, it's going to blow everyone away y'all.
If only it were true =/
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AO1JMM  +   900d ago
except we'll get to see the console.
mochachino  +   900d ago
I'm very excited for the next Xbox reveal.

So far I'm favouring PS4, seems more powerful and the conrtoller looks perfect. 360 left a bad taste in my mouth this gen but I was an early adopter that had several faulty consoles and paid for live for over 5 years which in retrospect seems like a huge waste of money.

I'll pretty much get the console that multiplats look better on, as those tend to be my favourite games.
badkolo  +   900d ago
it was not a mistake on sony's part not showing the ps4 console. this was a pre reveal and we all know there is e3 , so why even question it, they showed what they showed and more is coming at e3, this way they give you a little and then give you more at e3, its not that freaking complicated to understand.
Drainage  +   900d ago
lol didnt this fool say MS was going to clown the PS4 with their reveal? but now its gonna be about the same? lmao the fuuuuukk
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