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MooseWI1880d ago

What about a discounted DLC pack for the people who bought the game already and have no DLC?

Zezo1880d ago

Now i can finally buy the game,glad I waited.

Kalowest1880d ago

Same here, It's great to be a patient gamer.

Nevers1880d ago

I had been doing so good... but with the last 1/2 price sale on the DLC, I caved. But it was with the realization that my vanilla Skyrim is virtually worthless as a trade-in so it had become the cheaper route. I knew this was going to be announced right after I bought the DLC, lol/cry.

zeal0us1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

See good things do come to those who wait.

Patience is a man's greatest virtue.

Also did anyone notice "Better with Kinect"? I wonder what is the kinect feature being offered.

rezzah1880d ago

Looks like some people (disagrees) want to wait more!

KrimsonKody1880d ago

They always mention "better" with Kinect, but usually it's nothing more than the option to use Kinect. Nothing fancy.
Maybe you will be able to wave your hand for attacks/spells or something.
Or yell "ouch" into the microphone to remove those "arrows in the knee".
I just had to go there, it's been awhile.

MAJ0R1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

I wonder if Steam will bundle the DLC, or just make it a separate game.

DeFFeR1880d ago


They added Kinect support in a patch about a year ago.

200+ voice commands (including shouts) and a few other things. It doesn't work very well at all.

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xPhearR3dx1880d ago

The DLC has gone on sale MANY times over the past couple of months. Even Dragonborn. Should have picked it up then.

1880d ago
Good_Guy_Jamal1880d ago

No. . .besides, there have been sales on those on both PSN and Xbox Live already.
I'm gad I waited, I'm also glad it comes with all the updates right out the box.
My Xbox 360 is ready.

DasTier1880d ago

Xbox live summer sale.

I picked up Dragonborn DLC in the April 1st sale on Xbox live for like £8.

MYSTERIO3601880d ago

Hopefully they've fixed all of the bugs on the PS3 version

MaxXAttaxX1880d ago

Not ALL the bugs, in any version.

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majiebeast1880d ago

Its gonna be Legen wait for it... Dary!

Buuhan11880d ago

You've been waiting for this moment all your life.

Jreca1880d ago

So... it's the third time Bethesda is trying to make 60€ from the game (retail, premium edition and Goty). Cool... I'll wait for this one to be 20€, and then buy it, at last.

xPhearR3dx1880d ago

No ones forcing you to buy it. Plus each one didn't come with anything in-game you couldn't buy separate. The Elder Scrolls has a HUGE fan base. Some are collectors, and those are the people likely to buy those editions with physical goodies.

DeFFeR1880d ago

>Some are collectors, and those are the people likely to buy those editions with physical goodies.

And exactly how does that justify spending $60 on it?

Lucreto1880d ago

I would be saying the same it they release a PS4 version.

I doubt it but it would be nice to see with no load times.

llMurcielagoll1879d ago

Indeed, while I cannot defend myself against disagrees because it is purely my opinion as I already bought Skyrim at launch day and I am not going to pay for another copy of Skyrim because it says "Legendary" on the box.

The image was a sarcastic remark for those who misunderstood.

Hmmm, Probably so, I own it on PC so I am not too bothered with its load times as it is fairly quick and I am not using any of the fancy SSDs or gaming HDD with god knows how much RPM can it pull off heh.

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