New Xbox 720 – Always-on DRM would be arrogant, foolhardy and ill-judged

If Microsoft was to start its 21 May launch by saying it wouldn’t implement always-on DRM, it could turn a potential disaster into a great PR triumph.

But if Microsoft ignores all the signs, all the rage and all the evidence, it would be one of the most arrogant, foolhardy and ill-judged decisions I can remember.

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MariaHelFutura1827d ago

I agree, but lets be real about something. EA is doing it, Blizzard did it, Ubisoft seems to doing it. These are 3 MASSIVE companies, who don't seem to care what people think.

Godmars2901827d ago

Nevermind that there is only growing consumer opposition to it?

The message just has to be sent one or two times - cause lets face it, companies are so dumb they're bottom line has to be threatened twice - that a game didn't sell specifically because of DRM, and they'll fall over themselves to make amends.

Trying the exact same crap a few months later...

sengoku1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

don't worry M$ will be M$.
or is that what worries you?
i'm not

dcbronco1826d ago

Nothing is a problem unless Microsoft does it. Then it's evil.

Godmars2901826d ago

No, because publishers apparently are considering online DRM. Trying to justify it as a gameplay element like Ubisoft with Stray Dogs.

solidjun51826d ago

@dcbronco no you're just a MS sheep. People were pissed at EA for doing it for SIM city. It doesn't matter who does it, whether it's SONg, MS or Nintendo, people are not going to like it.

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Muerte24941827d ago

pass but to impose this on single player games is unacceptable. EA received alot of backlash from Simcity over this. Online pass works the best. If you're going to play online, then a console being plugged in is a no brainer. But if I don't want to hook my console up or my router is out, this are were problem lie.

steve30x1827d ago

Didnt Ubisoft say that their future games wont require always online a few weeks ago?

Tultras1827d ago

And how does the piracy rate for their respective games hold up on the PC??


lonesoul651826d ago

People just like to complain about what they are already doing. Steam, always on, your cable box, always on, and fridge, always on( hehe). If it is as integrated with your TV as some rumors suggest then that part WILL probably be always on. But if you own a game and put the disk in it will probably play just like the original XBOX. Hell, even that is a different beast online and offline...but when I push the power signs right into my account and "online" which makes it pretty much...always online.

Sheesh...stop complaining about everything before you even know the full story.

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hard joe1827d ago

they got away with xbox live gold
they will probably get away with this too

Tultras1827d ago

They got away with the RROD fiasco, don't forget.

dcbronco1826d ago

Always on article 563. If you've read any five in the past you can skip any in the future. Wash, rinse, repeat has it's limits.

josephayal1826d ago

But I would'nt mind the next Xbox to be Always On. I'm online everytime I play (%80), TBH i Can't wait to get the next Xbox, now I'm just waiting

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