Dualshock 4: The developers speak [EU]

Scott Rohde writes: "As you know, one of the first major reveals during PlayStation Meeting 2013 was the all new DUALSHOCK4 Wireless Controller. Today, we’re pleased to share a brand new video where developers discuss some of their favorite DUALSHOCK4 features, what makes each feature unique and how it will make your gameplay experience much more dynamic."

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Arai1881d ago

Some really great features on the joy-pad, truly great that all the studios came together and made it what it is.

MariaHelFutura1881d ago

The controllers changing the screen setup on split screen is pure genius.

sengoku1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

beat that, i'm loving this new controller.

Ilovetheps41881d ago

I never really liked that light bar on the controller because I thought it was going to primarily be used for motion gaming purposes. But when they explained that feature, it just made sense to me. That feature is brilliant. I hate playing split screen and playing the screen across from me. But, this would solve that issue. I hope they use that feature quite often.

galgor1881d ago long as developers continue to make splitscreen games of course.

abzdine1881d ago

that's right, and that rubber for better grip is a great addition too.
this is true next gen controller, PS1-->PS3 we have seen no evolution, now it's obvious PS4 is THE next big thing.
Cannot wait for the release!

starchild1881d ago

From the controller to the console's architecture to the planned features, I really think Sony is making all the right decisions for the PS4.

The Great Melon1881d ago

I thought the same thing when I heard the split screen swap. I hope companies make use of that idea. Playing Halo 2 was always nightmare on the original Xbox, because everyone had their own preferred position relative to the TV. For some reason we never could get the order of sign in right. There was always much arguing in the pre-game. Good times...

BullyMangler1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

The only next GEN features the P$4 has is the not so UNIQUE but yes gratefully sweet SHARE button ? and pixar power under the beLt? . . so what?!

the PS4 can do some bad ass stuff!

or is this just how it seems for the PS4?

The Dualshock 4 has those beautiful LED lights!I"m LOVING that. That feature had to have sprung from the also different colored LED lights of the 3DS but still.
And the Dualshock 4 touch pad and the whole flicking idea is all Nintendo then again eh.

pero ps4 with split-screen still though = :/

Divine1880d ago

i love what sony has done i just can't wait to hold the system and controller in my hands. 720 as well but that is ofcourse my very second anticipation.

xtremeimport1880d ago

that was the 1 thing that stood out to me the most. That is brilliant.

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Crazyglues1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Sony can you please just give me a Date and a Price, and take my money - I am ready...

I was ready to order at the first Press Conference... LoL

-All Jokes Aside though, I have been ready for the nex gen of consoles, for awhile now, since I also game on PC-

So it's really going to be amazing to finally be able to have some of the advantages PC gives you - plus some of these cool things they have added.

I can't wait... hopefully our launch games turn-out to be really good and if that happens the 2nd round of games will probably be even better, it will once again be an amazing time to be a Gamer...

Controller looks like a nice re-design from what we have now, I wish we could have got a price on how much they will cost because you always end up needing to get a second controller at launch..

I think Sony has hit this one out the park, I think the launch of PS4 is going to be huge...

||.........___||............ ||

UnholyLight1881d ago

I must say, I think Sony has actually done a REALLY good job in leading up to E3 and the eventual release of the PS4. From a pure Business and Marketing perspective Sony is doing a great job in just continuing the conversation with people about their console and why it is so great. Even though some of the things have already been talked about, keeping that audience retention at a maximum is going to really work out for them.

This Commerce student gives Sony an A on their current campaign! Now let's see what approach Microsoft will take with their reveal.

bigfish1880d ago

@ Crazyglues - Sony can do more than just take my money. they can take an arm, a leg, a kidney, a lung, ill even give em a bollock. PS4 will be epic!

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Freedomland1880d ago

@ jcnba28

Here you are again and i know that you will be the first to buy ps4, i know it.

MYSTERIO3601881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

This really is a thing of beauty

1880d ago
KONAAs1880d ago

well if the dualshock is $60 i bet this one will be close to $100 or more. but worth it

Divine1880d ago

naah i was thinking more like. 75 , 85 but u may be right

imdaboss11880d ago

Sony is going all out with the PS4..They going to kill the competition with exclusive games and im loving the new controller! MS dont have anything to show..

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Riderz13371881d ago

The touch pad seemed very smooth and easy to use when the guy in the video was demonstrating it. Very nice controller overall, I especially am looking forward to the share button.

MurDocINC1881d ago

In the video, it sounds like it's clicking when he uses touch pad.

torchic1881d ago

yes it's confirmed to be clickable

JoGam1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

The clicking noise you heard was him hitting the right analog stick as he was swiping. Watch the video again. Yes its clickable though.


I really love the new share function.

TrevorPhillips1881d ago

Same here brother and what's with the disagree's :/

Williamson1881d ago

The stealth diagree's are really dumb, but thats why Im here. I'll give an agree to any sensible comment I read.

RBlue_Desire1881d ago

@MariaHelFutura or maybe just pissed fanboys.........

*sees alot of dislikes coming*

Ilovetheps41881d ago

I did not disagree, but the share button will not be for me. I'm not a social gamer. I personally don't need to upload videos or pictures to the internet. I've never even used facebook or any social media before. But, for those that will use it, the function looks great. It looks easy to use, but for me, it will never be used.

Conzul1881d ago

Well, I expect the disagrees come from disgruntled people who actually bought the dedicated hardware needed for recording game footage. Also they probs have nice PCs for editing and such, and, well, now this "Share" button comes along and steals all their thunder.

That said, I hope the video recording function lets you save a local copy of the clips instead of forcing an automatic upload to some arbitrary social site. We need to be able (still) to offload them to our PCs to be able to make montages and add custom musics and sounds and other stuff that should be self-evident.

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DOMination-1881d ago

I didn't disagree. I like the features that the share button provides. They all look like things I'd use too, but imo, it doesn't need a button. They could have just built an option into the OS. Then they could have used that space for a button you could actually use for gameplay or something else. The feature doesn't really need it's own dedicated button.

ps3_pwns1880d ago

the share button was needed and even for those people who arent social media type person even me who is not a social media type person will still use it a lot becuase in games sometimes im just like what im doing right now is just to awesome i need to record and save this moment and the share button makes it instant and faster no need to go through the menu screen and such to toggle it on.

just press the button and bam that time you killed 10 people in a row by yourself in the cod or warhawk is now saved and can be show to the world if you like.

phantomexe1881d ago

I think the controller is great. The share button was a great idea but the touch pad is so small. I can't see that be used the way sony may be hopeing developers will use it. I don't know tho maybe they will. I can think of thousands of ways to use the wiiu touch screen but i go brain dead when i try to think of ways to use sonys touch pad. Never the less day 1 for me as soon as gamestop begins takeing preorders.

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gluv651881d ago

The touch pad is easy one to think of. Think of Forza and all the layers you need to use too create or replicate something. With the touch pad if they let you use a stylus or even your finger. You can draw your image on the touch pad and it appears on the screen. Hit the option button and a color wheel pops up to fill in with the select color or colors. Now think about that in a game like Gran Turismo or the new IP Drive Club. Think about it just as an app to draw and then print.

phantomexe1880d ago

Thats a preety good idea.

pierce1881d ago

I'm sorry but it has to be said, the left analog stick is still in the wrong place! How hard is it to change that? Come on, Sony.

shancake1881d ago

I think they would get slaughtered if they made that change...

pierce1881d ago

Just because that's what Microsoft did? Then get slaughtered. Admitting when you're wrong is the sign of a healthy company. Failure to adapt isn't going to help anyone.

Snookies121881d ago

@Pierce - What makes their positioning wrong? Just because you say so? People have their own preferences, and it's not like it's a huge deal to use the PS alignment as opposed to the 360 alignment of analogues. They both function and neither are a burden to use, so neither are in the wrong.

avengers19781881d ago

Why would Sony change a controller lay out that has been successful not only for years but generations. I think the dual shock is the best controller.

Root1881d ago


LOL...what are you talking about, the DS is better then the 360s controller. It's more adaptable for different types of games while the 360s is only better with first person shooters and sometimes driving games.

Lets not forget I bet you didn't have a problem with the DS/DS2 before the 360 came out

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AhmadCentral1881d ago

I don't agree. I actually prefer the PlayStation controller to others. It's just my personal preference but i'm willing to say that a lot of people must share my opinion if Sony have kept the analog design the same.

Ilovetheps41881d ago

I agree. I'm not sure about the majority of the population, but my thumbs are located in the same position on both of my hands. I don't know why the analog sticks would be asymmetrical. It just doesn't feel right to me. I think it's perfect the way it is on the Dualshock controllers, and I don't want them to change that.

mushroomwig1881d ago

I'm so sick of this argument with the analog stick placement, for me it's perfectly placed. I'm sure you can use a third party controller if it really bothers you that much.

Karpetburnz1881d ago

WTF! how is it in the wrong place? you know human thumbs are symmetric? so why should the left analog stick change? just because Xbox does it, it doesn't mean PS4 has to do it as well.

Good_Guy_Jamal1881d ago

This is going to be long but bear with me.

The mature of the human hand and the symmetry of the thumbs/fingers is exactly the reason why they should change the placement of the left analogue stick.
Here are my 2 reasons:
When a person grasps an object or even makes a fist, the natural instinct is to rest the thumb as close as possible to the index finger, and not away from the index like the Dual Shock forces you to.
Go ahead and take a firm full grip on to your DS3 with just your left hand. Hold it tight so that it wouldn't go flying off if you shook your hand vigorously.
Note how instintively your thumb falls on to the D-pad and your index falls on to the L1 button with the middle finger resting underneath the controller to give it stability. The controller now rests comfortably in the palm of your hand.
That is the natural way that the hand holds on to something.
-Now with the same hand hold the DS3 like you would if you were playing a game. Note how now your thumb moves from its natural resting position and now moves down to the Left Stick, to compensate for this awkward grip, you now have to prop your palm away from the controller and it no longer rests comfortably in your palm but is now resting on your middle finger, ring finger and pinky.
Over time, this way of holding an object causes discomfort and cramping.
-The 360 controller on the other hand(same hand actually) allows you to use your hand's natural grip even when gaming. This is thanx to its shape be size and the position of the left stick. Note how your controller never leaves your palm. It rests in the palm and does not cause discomfort, at least not as quickly or severly as the ds.
Reason 2: When you play a game with an independent camera, you almost never have to use the Right Stick and so your right thumb rests on the face button the majority of the time, this is not in symmetry in the case of the DS3 as you so quickly wanted to point out. If your left thumb is down at the LS and your right thumb is up at the face buttons, how exactly is that being symmetrical?
The only genre that requires almost constant manipulation of the camera with the right stick is the shooter genre, which leaves you playing sports games, side scrolling games, fighting games, puzzle games, arcade games, hack and slash games in the unnatural not symmetric position so I'd shut up about symmetry if I were trying to argue the DS3 case.

To summarize: DS design forces you to hold it in an unnatural grip partially because of the stick positioning (man sized hands anyway), it is uncomfortable and leads to cramping.
When playing most genres, the right thumb rests on the face buttons as the right stick is seldom used. This is not symmetrical like you claimed.

Conzul1881d ago

You have no business gripping a game paddle that hard. You know what happens when baseball players grip their bats too hard? Fail happens.

Loose grips sink enemy ships X]

neoMAXMLC1880d ago


"When playing most genres, the right thumb rests on the face buttons as the right stick is seldom used."

This line alone invalidates your entire comment. What is the most played genre on the Xbox 360? Shooters. And what is one of the most used inputs in shooters? The right stick. You use the right stick more than you use the left stick in these types of games. So if the DualShock's left stick is in the wrong place, then so is the right stick... which means the 360's right stick is also in the wrong place... according to your logic at least.

All these so-called facts you desperately try to bring up to prove that the 360's stick placements are "correct" is nothing short of bias.

Aceman181880d ago

only mutants feel the left stick is in the wrong spot, but has regular humans know that our thumbs are symmetrical lol.

the controller looks and sounds awesome, PS4 is a day one purchase for me.

Anzil1880d ago

@Good_Guy_Jamal good luck trying to make your opinion fact!

MysticStrummer1880d ago

Good_Guy_Jamal, the MS marketing department high fives over people like you.

People like you are the reason it's a great idea for them to use the word Infinite with NextBox. You see the marketing ploy and think it's all true.

MrBeatdown1880d ago


I've seen a lot of things on N4G... amateur game development experts, amateur financial analysts, amateur hardware developers...

I'll have to add an amateur orthopedist to the list.

solidjun51880d ago

@Mrbeatdown: he's an amateur orthopedist alright. However, he's an expert troll and BS artist.

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majiebeast1881d ago Show
zerocrossing1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Seriously?... Look, that may be your "opinion" but (I) like many others wouldn't have it any other way.

Adva1881d ago

Because Xbox controller is designed with the left stick top left doesn't mean it's the right spot...
There is no right or wrong in this.

I have been used to it since PS1 and I like it.

1881d ago Replies(3)
torchic1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

there's nothing comfortable about asymmetry.

I remember playing Halo Reach at a friend's house the other day and thought the analog stick positioning was just so awkward, the controller kept slipping out of my hands.

it's just an awkward experience everytime I play on a 360 controller.

symmetry is natural, conventional and creates functionality. Microsoft's controller just doesn't make sense.

Lilchopp7721881d ago

Sony Controller been the same since 1996. What makes you think they are going to change it. i like the way the analog sticks are design

Good_Guy_Jamal1881d ago

I don't know, progress? Newer better ideas? I'm glad other companies don't share that philosophy or we'd all be stuck with 1996 looking tech.

IRetrouk1881d ago

That phone is sick, where can i get one?

a_squirrel1880d ago

And the data plan is $10/month, unlimited talk

raWfodog1881d ago

If a large enough group of people truly had issues with that, it would have came out during the research and development stages of the controller's lifecycle (past and present). The majority of people really don't have any issue with it.

EmeraldGFX1881d ago

Honestly, I think it's just a matter of preference. Some people have larger hands and need the sticks further apart like xbox, and that could feel better to them.

It's not about changing it because that's was Microsoft did. It's about keeping loyal to what their fans enjoy, and what they believe to be a great design for a controller. You may not agree, and that's perfectly fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Arkrite1881d ago

As a large handed individual myself i'd like to see the sticks slightly further apart, the times my thumbs have hit each other with DS1/2/3 are too numerous to mention, please do a large handed version DS4 Sony i wont use 3rd party pads they are shit and most of them fail within days the new pad looks awesome

C4BL31881d ago

I have a large problem with the ds1/2/3 because they feel cheap and they literally fit in one of my hands. I need a meaty, heavy controller.

Aceman181880d ago

i have large hands, and prefer the DS over the 360 controller which feels weird to me.