IGN: Mario Kart Wii AU Hands-On - IGN AU first impressions in a conversational form

IGN AU writes: "Cam: So Naz, in the last 24 hours we've done some pretty freaky stuff. We've bounced from gigantic mushroom to gigantic mushroom, we've bumped down a mogul run, we've launched ourselves up mountains and we've fired red shells at those who oppose us. Yes, we've finally gone hands-on with Mario Kart for the Wii. What did you think?

Naz: I've got to say I was far happier with the graphics than I expected to be. I think the whole package sparkled with that trademark Nintendo polish. Each track had a completely different flavour. From the gently swaying trees and difficult to dodge cows in the meadow course to the conveyor belts and crane-carried platforms in the Toad's factory course, each track brought back a fond new memory of a Nintendo title from yesteryear but presented them with fresh style. With twelve racers on track there was also always constant chaos erupting with turtle shells, bananas and other insane weapons lobbing in from all angles and keeping the action exciting. I reckon the visuals really deliver and are on par with Super Mario Galaxy."

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