Retro Review: Yoshi’s Island (Pure Nintendo)

Pure Nintendo: "Video games can be very powerful. Not just powerful in its graphics or cinematics, but the emotional effect that they can have on gamers is pretty astounding when you really take a look at it. Every gamer has his or her own preference of what is known as their comfort food of games. It’s that one game that we reach to when we feel depressed, angered or just down right bummed out. I’ll admit that I have many comfort games, but one in particular is Yoshi’s Island for the SNES."

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Jadedz1640d ago

Though I'm from the group of the few who couldn't play the game in its entirety, because of baby Mario's excessive crying (that's only if you failed often, and got damaged).

cpayne931640d ago

Really annoying at first but you end up getting so used to it you barely hear it. Fantastic game though, been a few years since I've last played it.

XXXL1640d ago

Remember my sister getting this for Xmas. Thought it was a girls game. Caved in and played it with her 1 day and loved it. Great game

-GametimeUK-1640d ago

Loved this game as a kid. I still remember the joy of reaching the final boss because it looked stunning.

WeAreLegion1640d ago

One of the best. :) I can't wait for the new one!

_QQ_1640d ago

Best game ever made.

3-4-51639d ago

The crying baby drops it down on the list.

The Japanese LOVE to include annoying characters in games for some ignorant reason. I love them, their culture and of course their games and music, but I'll never understand their NEED to put annoying things into games.

I would pay $70 a game if I knew 100% that nothing would be part in the game and no characters.

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The story is too old to be commented.