Beyblade: Evolution Coming to Nintendo 3DS

Rising Star Games has today announced Beyblade: Evolution, an all-new videogame currently in development exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. Beyblade: Evolution is being published worldwide by Rising Star Games licensed by d-rights Inc. and representative Nelvana Enterprises, and is expected to spin into retail this autumn.

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Trunkz Jr1638d ago

This is sad, where is the Yu-Gi-Oh! 3DS game.

TopDudeMan1638d ago

I'd also like that but it'd need LOTS of cards in it!

GoldPunch-TR1638d ago

Beyblade grevolution and v-force foreveeer!! New series are very casual :(

contradictory1638d ago

wait, that thing still around?
i remember it was all the rage ten years ago

Williamson1638d ago

I used to watch the original beyblade many many years the newer series sucks! I feel bad kids having to grow up with sub par tv shows compared to what I watched in the 90's. Having to watch a heavily edited dbz kai must suck.