Soul Sacrifice trailer details pre-order bonuses

A new trailer for Soul Sacrifice on Vita has been released, showcasing content on offer exclusively to those who pre-order ahead of its release next week.

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DaveyB1731d ago

Oh yeah, I forgot about this - demo is out now isn't it?!

Sandmano1731d ago

Yes and its AMAZING!! Go check it out now!

PeaSFor1731d ago

go DL it ASAP!

im already 20hrs into the demo, cant wait for the full game in 5 days!

Kalowest1731d ago

I already per-ordered my copy from gamestop, going to finish paying it off today. I can't wait to pick this game up on Tuesday.

strigoi8141731d ago

May 3rd?? I thought its gonna be april 30..

Kalowest1731d ago

May 3rd EU, April 30 US

r211731d ago

Liking that grenade type spell :)

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The story is too old to be commented.