Nintendo President: Lack of games hurting Wii U, but more titles coming

Nintendo's President said a lack of compelling titles for the Wii U is hurting sales, and promised to improve the console's lineup this year.

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DaveyB1881d ago

I think Wii U will quietly build itself a nice library over time. If you look back at consoles like the DS, it had a dreadful launch line up but soon came round. 3DS as well is REALLY starting to get a nice library of games. I think Nintendo will be okay over time...

Neonridr1881d ago

unfortunately we live in a generation now where people feel like they have some sense of entitlement. It's a now, Now, NOW generation of kids.. sad but true.

The games will come, as Nintendo has indicated that several AAA 1st party games will be releasing this year. Could be huge going into the holidays with the PS4 and potentially the 720 being completely sold out everywhere.

MariaHelFutura1881d ago

I wouldn't say people wanting games to play for their system falls under entitled.

Neonridr1881d ago

@Maria - no it doesn't, but people aren't willing to wait for their games. They assume that when a console launches that 100 games will be available. Let's see how they feel when the PS4 launches with like 10-15 games. I think the Wii U had a pretty awesome launch library, even if it had a few older ports. I remember the 360 launch library and it was pretty awful. Even the N64 launched with only 3 games back in 1996.

Unfortunately the lack of 3rd party support is creating this drought of games to tide us over until the first party games come along. Fortunately for us, that wait seems to be coming to and end. Once the summer hits, it looks like there will be a steady stream of Nintendo games being released, with a few heavy hitters later in the year.

I want to play games for my system too, however I still have tons of Wii U games at the moment that I haven't beaten yet. I don't get to game for hours a day, only a little bit here and there, so it takes me a while to actually get around to finishing a game, lol.

DA_SHREDDER1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Nintendo could have had a better launch, but everyone knows Nintendo hasn't even really started. They just jumped into the HD era, they have not just games to worry about, but how the system functions and turn it into the beast they imagined it will become. Sure it doesn't do 3rd party games yet, but that will end as soon as Sony starts next gen. The gen doesn't start till Kaz or Jack says so.

BTW, just looking at the support the 3ds is getting only makes the future for the WiiU even more bright.

Baka-akaB1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Sigh here comes the big entitlement word . Who claimed there would be an actual and better 3rd party support ? Nintendo

Who rushed to the market without even its first party titles ready , let alone 3rd party ones ? Nintendo .

I wont be among those claiming Nintendo is in such a bad shape , and beaten ... they'll be fine .

But the length people go to , to defend them is sometimes ridiculous . When one of the big three messes up , they mess up , end of story .

MasterCornholio1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )


" Let's see how they feel when the PS4 launches with like 10-15 games"

"PlayStation 4's line-up of launch titles will be "stronger than any prior PlayStation hardware", Sony has said."

"There will be 25 games available on day 1, and in total more than 100 games currently in development."

Well if what Sony said is true then i expect the PS4 to have 30-40 games at launch which is a lot more than the 10-15 that you claim will happen. Im sorry but if Sony claims that the launch will be bigger than the Vitas then it will have to have over 25 games at launch which will be bigger than the 23 that the Wii U had at launch.

Now until you provide me with a source that will prove your claim to be correct i will have take Sonys word on it.


Or when Reggie insults people who didnt buy a 3DS yet because of a lack of games (which isnt the problem now).

aPerson1881d ago

"They assume that when a console launches that 100 games will be available. Let's see how they feel when the PS4 launches with like 10-15 games."

Aaaaand you just pointed out the big difference between the two consoles... IF the PS4 will LAUNCH with several exclusive games - that's still a lot more exclusives than the Wii U has had in the FIVE MONTHS since its release.

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lilbroRx1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Been saying this from the beginning. All people want is games. Software moves hardware. Hasn't changed in 18 years.

Price is not the issue. People not liking the Wii U is not the issue(they would have to know what it is to not like it) and the PS4/720(lol) are definitely not the issue. Nintendo's stance on E3 this should make it clear that they really don't care what Sony and Microsoft plan to boast about.

This is what I like about Nintendo. Whent hey sell lower than expected, they acknowledged. On the other hand, when Sony sold less vita's than expected

NeoTribe1881d ago

Lack of ea titles, lack of third party support, and a lack of an e3 presentation also. Nintendo has some big hurdles to get over this gen. Think about it, ps4 has the most exclusive games by far but it couldnt souly survive without third party support. Hows ninty gonna pull this off?

Axonometri1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

The problem isn't the need for more first party old Nintendo IP's. Nintendo has failed to attract 3rd party interest thus far. This is a huge blinding weakness for them.

Before you scream at me, I agree those first party games usually are the Big N's best and the reason most buy their platforms. It is the sales of mass units to those who see great value and with 10 games on the shelf and 4 on the way until Christmas who wants to impulse buy?

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