Lost Planet 3 Gets New SP Campaign Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Capcom has released a new set of screenshots from the SP campaign of Lost Planet 3."

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Patashnik1855d ago

Still not sure about this game. I loved the last two - but this one I'm not convinced by...

john21855d ago

Lost Planet 2 was underwhelming IMO. A nice tech-demo for the PC, but nowhere as good as LP1. Really hope that LP3 will be similar (at least in its SP campaign mode) to LP1

Patashnik1855d ago

LP 1&2 were very different. I really enjoyed LP1 for both single and multiplayer. LP2 was horrible as a single player game - but I thought as a four player game it was really excellent.

It was just a little tricky to get a good four player game together!

Fingers crossed for 3 though!

j-blaze1855d ago

just forget this game even exist

john21855d ago

well there is potential. Question is whether or not they are able to pull it off

GodsPerfectK7ng1855d ago

Lp1 was great though I didn't bother buying Lp2 north pole setting to tropical island gears of war . I will give Lp3 a try. Capcom a demo if you will, Xbox Live!!!

NeoTribe1855d ago

I really want to be excited for this but i cant. The last two games, while having great starts, began to suck really fast. Hope this one changed things.

Ultr1855d ago

he's everywhere haha