Yes, Thief is coming to the next Xbox

Surprise! Thief is definitely in development for the next Xbox, judging by comments made by the game's senior level artist.

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bunt-custardly1639d ago

"despite publisher Square Enix having only confirmed the game for PC, PlayStation 4 "and other next generation consoles".

What "other next generation consoles" would Square be referring to if it wasn't Xbox next?

More news from coming soon.

JoGam1638d ago

Yes, Square wouldn't announce it for the next xbox especially if its not suppose to exist.

Patashnik1639d ago

Now that IS good news!
Can't wait for the reveal now! :)

DA_SHREDDER1639d ago

yeah, i don't plan on getting one this year, but I hope something good comes out of it. If it's just a win 8 machine that doesn't have a better library than Steam then I don't even care.

Shuyin1639d ago

Go with Sony, mate.
Jump on board!

R_aVe_N1639d ago

That was a no brainer to begin with...

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The story is too old to be commented.