NZGamer: Mario Kart Wii Preview

NZGamer writes: "Along with Zelda, Super Smash Bros, and other staple titles, Mario Kart is one that will always pop up on the latest Nintendo hardware. The Wii is no exception to this – come April, you'll be blasting around corners and sabotaging your opponents like you've been doing for years, with the addition of motion-controlled steering.

For those of you who haven't experienced the multiplayer fun of a Mario Kart title before (you crazy people), it's essentially a collection of Mario characters racing each other in karts along a collection of varied courses. Scattered on the tracks are powerups that each have a different use. Mushrooms, for example, give you a speed boost, while a lightning bolt will shrink all your opponents, slowing them down. These powerups, along with the unique tracks, are what make the Mario Kart series so much fun."

The Good:
Online play; many control schemes; fun-looking tracks.

The Bad:
Are there enough new features from the last instalment?

The Ugly:
Friend codes, as usual.

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