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Quantic Dream: In pursuit of, and setting, a Hollywood precedent

"This performance is going to change people's and gamers' perception of how a character needs to behave in a video game."

By Robert Purchese

The Hollywood difference in Beyond: Two Souls, which stars Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, will be "striking", Quantic Dream's Guillaume de Fondaumiere believes.

"This performance is going to change people's and gamers' perception of how a character needs to behave in a video game," he told me in Poland at the Digital Dragons event.

"Probably, when people will see Beyond - other studios - they will want to have a great talent in their games, too, because we're going to see a difference, and it's going to be striking." (Beyond: Two Souls, Dev, PS3, PS4)

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ifritAlkhemyst  +   768d ago
I like what QD is trying to do, like a choose your own adventure film, but the writing is always terrible and Cage constantly ignores the cooler aspects of his story so to favor these stupid emotional pursuits of his.
miyamoto  +   767d ago
The name "Sony Computer ENTERTAINMENT" is there for a real purpose since day one -entertainment.

The name Sony Pictures is there for a real purpose-entertainment.

The name Sony Music is there for a real purpose-entertainment.

The name Sony Online Entertainment is there for a real purpose-entertainment.

The name Sony Entertainment Network is there for a real purpose-entertainment.

Unify all these things together and what do you have?

Sony is an entertainment company and there is nothing wrong if Sony maximize all their assets to make great products like The Uncharted series or David Cage's games like Beyond.

Sony's approach to cinematic games is very original and noteworthy and there is nothing wrong with other developers following their lead.
ifritAlkhemyst  +   767d ago
What are you harping on friend? I said I dig what they're trying to do but just don't feel like Cage is a good writer.
dboyc310  +   768d ago
Beyond Two souls will be THE game that will merge Hollywood and Video Game talent. This medium is maturing in front of us. In a few years Video Games will be seen as films.
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AkatsukiPain  +   767d ago
I definitely agree. Games like heavy rain, god of war series & uncharted series make u feel like your in a movie but actually controlling the movie and bringing them to life. Look for this cinematic experience to continue as we move forward, its only going to get better.

Shinra Tensei
Quagmire  +   766d ago
God of War doesnt deserve to be mentioned alongside HR and Uncharted, the character development and narrative are childish at best.
Bathyj  +   767d ago
I dont know what the rule is for the Academy currently, but I remember when LotR:Two Towers came out Andy Serkis wasnt allowed to win an Oscar because he was only acting through a CGI puppet, not actually on screen.

I think that reflects how old fashioned attitudes are towards this medium and towards games as well.

Now I'm not saying El-lon Paj (I love how David Cage says her name) is going to be Oscar worthy, but she should at lease be eligible to win if she is.
clintos59  +   767d ago
I hope it happens, shez really doing a great job. Cant wait to see the teaser, im a sucker for not being able to hold off until release lol.

Edit: I heard it was like an our of gameplay.
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