Sidhe Talks About Sony's PhyreEngine

Kotaku writes:

PhyreEngine. It's a funky name, but what the heck is it?

We asked Sidhe Interactive's sexy technical director, Tyrone McAuley, to help us demystify Sony's cross-platform tech.

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TrevorPhillips3502d ago

so what else do they use that engine for?

Sevir043502d ago

so it's an open source graphics engine that can be attributed with other stuff like physics processing and AI routines. cool, I also heard that Dirt used this engine which is why it came outonly 2 months later as posed to the half a year to 1 year wait for games devs using the UE3 engine before epic Gave out the new PS3 optimized UE3, either way it's cool to see them doing this... I wonder how much it cost to be a license developer for Sony's PS3. i know dev kits cost around 9 grand for PS3 but using Mya and this and some stuff, and even havok for physics. i love to become a PSN/xbox live developer at first then go console exclusive as my team gets bigger. i'd prolly go Sony, but who knows it's where the money's at thats why i like independent devs like ready at dawn they dev for who they want. Wii, PSP and who knows

for me being platform exclusive means less money being spent on splitting resources and hiring and paying for more work force for optimizing for the second platform. so ideally if i were doing game dev. i'd go on a project by project basis, choosing which platform that single project would best benefit from. ^^