Extreme Gamer: The Club Review

Extreme Gamer writes: "The Club is the newest release from Bizarre Creations, and while keeping the arcade feel seen in the Project Gotham series, they made a third person shooter. There is no plot or specific character, but there's a large variety of weapons and bad guys. What is the club you might ask? Is it some type of dance hall where all the young kids go; no, it's a secret organization that very few people around the world know about. The main goal of this organization is to recruit outsiders into the club, and the club is an underground bloodsport where the only goal is to kill or be killed. To do this you're put into a linear maze style scenario and you have to get through by shooting anyone who gets in your way or sacrificing a kill to save some time in time attack. The outsiders were mostly forced to join the club with the exception of Seager, who happens to be the Canadian character and the one I used the most.

The interesting thing about The Club is that it's not like your conventional shooter. You have to almost sprint through each stage. Some stages involve a timer where you have to get to the finish line before time runs out (Run The Gauntlet), and in some cases the timer counts down while you collect time clocks and get time bonuses for killing enemies as you try to complete continuous laps around the stage before time runs out (Time Attack)."

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