Square Enix is Betting on PS3

Following on from an article last week that theorized that 2008 would be the year the Xbox 360 will take control of the RPG, Gameplayer examines how Square Enix will influence the debate.

"So the question becomes: is Square Enix, through Final Fantasy, really putting its faith and the future of the RPG genre into the hands of the PS3, or is it simply hedging its bets?"

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sonarus3751d ago

ps3 needs rpg's bad. Its sad that sony hasn't said anything on white knight chronicles as i feel if final fantasy doesn't come out this yr it will be the rpg of the yr. Games like eternal sonata and others could also help this cause. But like everything sony started late and they sure are taking their time getting their games out. So some day we will be getting tons of rpg's

Grassroots3751d ago

yea slow goings in the RPG realm... while whenever these are released will be great... my eyes are more on level 5 and white knight which looks very promising. More RPG are needed on playstation now instead of a year.

Darkiewonder3751d ago

Level 5 is working on DQIX and some Layton games.


Sony will not put a big card as a high possible great JRPG on the table anytime soon. It would be eclipsed for both GT5 Prologue, GTA IV and MGS4.

Still, little time after MGS4, wait for major releases, 'till the holidays.

Really, after MGS4 come, we'll get our hand on time with man great games, like not only WKC, but also Sing Star, Little Big Planet, Free Realms, Rasistance 2, MotorStorm 2, KillZone 2, The Agency... And PSN Socom, Echocrome, Thatgamecompany project, Wheel of fortune...

We'll be OK 'till first half 2009, when getting FF XIII and GT5... Maybe even Resident Evil 5 before June.

AdamBombastic3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Although I think Oblivion was a good game, it ruined it for me once I figured out how the leveling system worked. Enemies automatically accommodate your level to make them somewhat challenging, yet definitely capable of being defeated. I love the Japanese RPG'S where if you go to a new area and aren't of a high enough level, you get your ass beat. That creates a challenge and provides motivation to level up and explore new areas. I haven't heard much of WTS lately; hopefully it's finished sometime in 08'. I loved the RPG'S on PS2 (especially DQ VIII) and I am really looking forward to what the future holds in the genre for PS3.

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heyheyhey3751d ago

Infinite Discovery heh

why exactly is that 360 exclusive again? did M$ pay?

im only asking a question so please don't respond with hate

i just want to know if there's a chance it will make it's way to the PS3, cause if M$ aint paying for it then it seems like squeenix should be bringing it to the PS3 as well- i mean if JRPG's sell really well in Japan and PS3 is clearly the victor there, then not doing so seems like a missed oppurtunity

in regards to article: their observations are interesting, but i also think the PS3's dominance in the JRPG genre also lies with Level 5 and Nippon Ichi making PS3 exclusive JRPG's like WKS and Disgea 3

i don't think Mistwalker is quite enough for M$

WRPG's are a different story since the 360 has Mass Effect, Elveon, Project Offset (maybe) and Dark Messiah (the latter sucks balls though)

but then again these are all available on PC so i don't feel like im missing out on anything

Marceles3751d ago

Eh...but Tri-Ace is really the ones developing Infinite Discovery. Square-Enix hasn't actually put their people into working on a 360 game yet other than FF11 and Last Remnant, which is also coming to the PS3. They're developing FF13 and Versus for PS3, and the Wii they're developing Chrystal Chronicles and Dragon just seems like the 360 is getting table scraps developed by another company but published by Square.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3751d ago

Nippon Ichi is also developing and publishing exclusive RPGs for the 360

BiggDaddy3113750d ago

BoarderLands, I think it is called? Fallout 3, I hear is RPG like, I am probably wrong on both fronts but I am not a big RPG fan. their is a rumor about a KH3 coming to PS3, maybe multi-plat, Either case I think the companies behind those titles are very reputable and owners of both consoles should be excited. Look for Fable 2, which I am sure will be much better than Folkelore.

Sevir043751d ago

i mean we are getting eternal sonta(old) Disgea 3, white knight story, fallout3, last remnant and a new RPG from Atlus the creaters of Odin Spines and Persona. all this yeasr and the New Tears game is also hitting. the PS3 is doing fine for it's first year of RPGs. remeber. The xbox didn't start getting any RPG's until the second year of it's console cycle, and thus the same is happening for the PS3 in such a fashion. also the 360 doesn't have 2 FF games set to hit potentially in the same year on the same platform. with that being said i think it's safe to say they they will be alright, They have Sakeguchi with is RPGs and they are pretty good. Just not FF good anymore. and with whats coming about with level 5 i hear that they are also working on the 6th title in Konami's Suikoden seires and thats also rumored to be PS3 exclsuive and is dropping in 09 so as far as i know ^^ all bases are Covered

Level 5 is out to be the next Square and they very well might be.

heyheyhey3751d ago

yeah i hope that rumor about Level 5 working on Rogue Galaxy 2 is true

RG rocked first time around

Nathaniel_Drake3751d ago

OMG, are you kidding? Level 5 is making Suikoden 6, with the way they have developing rpgs this will be a great thing

So did Konami give Suikoden away or is the Level 5 team made up of the Konami staff?

deeznuts3751d ago

Don't forget Valkyrie Chronicles.

Lucreto3751d ago


Konami still own the rights to Suikoden so they should be make Suikoden 6 hopefully for the PS3.

Hentai3751d ago

Level 5 are made by ex square-soft staff. That's why they have a really close relationship with square and sony. :)

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tocrazed4you3751d ago

Sorry to ruin the party but the ps3 has a lot of good rpgs still to come. Disagea 3, Both final fantasy 13 versions, and why the hell have everyone forgotten about white knight chronicles? Don't forget after white knight chronicles ps3 will get Dark Cloud 3...

PirateThom3751d ago

I've been waiting for Eternal Sonata for PS3, I would get it for 360 but I don't really have time at the moment, so will pick up the PS3 version with extras.