PS3: in-game XMB would be donwfall of humanity or Sony's delaying on purpose

There's a reason why Sony won't release a PS3 firmware update to add in-game XMB to the PS3: the addition would mean the end of humanity, or maybe the company's just waiting until it's perfect.

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heyheyhey3329d ago

let's hope the article is right

GutZ313329d ago

Spelling error in title, I am Caption Obvious!

GCNSeanFoster3329d ago

Is that a word I am not aware of? How did this article get approved?

JsonHenry3329d ago

It probably has more to do with a system limitation, and more than probably because of only 256 megs of local system RAM.

They will figure it out though I am sure.

Danja3329d ago

what does RAM has to do with firmware updates....besides the PS3 has the option to upgrade the HDD without buying an over-priced juk from MS...

so space is never an issue for us PS3 owners.....

travelguy2k3329d ago

that "fake" home countdown timer because i have been checking it from time to time. As it gets closer i take note that it ends at midnight on Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Which is usually the day they update the PSN store here in N.A.

I for one will be keeping an eye on it and it would be nice if something came of it.

Armyless3329d ago

Stock market crashes.... PS3 doesn't have enough memory.

Osama escapes... PS3 doesn't have enough memory.

Magnitude 8.0 earthquak in San Francisco... if only the PS3 had more memory...

JsonHenry3328d ago

1- Because I am right.
2- Because Devs complain about it.
3- Because I can.
4- I complain about lack of RAM on the 360 as well but I see you left that out of your post. (even though having a unified architecture helps make up for it)
5- See #1, and repeat.

And @1.4 - RAM is used when accessing something like an in game XMB. The Devs already have a hard time getting games to run smooth as it is without figuring in the added RAM needed to always have as a stand by for an in game XMB. Another problem would be older games like Resistance. If the game is already coded to be teetering right at 100% efficiency how could they use system resources NOT available running on its current code.

Maddens Raiders2642d ago

it's right.

"In a bigger success story, the company didn’t release the PS3 until a year after the Xbox 360, and the quality-difference between the two almost sets the PS3 in the next-next-generation of gaming. If Sony has a plan for in-game XMB, there’s a good chance it’s going to kick a ridiculous amount of ass."

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Clinton5143329d ago

We know it's a memory issue that they may have already worked out. :|

InMyOpinion3329d ago

I thought it was because of lazy developers.

alfredoggy3329d ago

Sony is definitely waiting until the XMB is fully functional and bug-free with all of its games. Obviously, some games might have troubles with the new addition (XMB). I much rather wait until I get a feature that I enjoy using rather than it becoming a hindrance in any sort of way.

What do you guys/gals think?

lsujester3329d ago

I think a large part of why it's taken so long is because I imagine Sony just recently started working on it, and haven't gotten it even close to done.

It's the same way with Home. They introduced it just over a year ago at GDC with the notion that they had been working on it for quite a while, and that it would be ready late '07. Well now, here we are a year later, and now they're saying it will be late '08. With the time we've known about it, it's had almost two years of development, so it seems to me that they put together that demo not long before GDC, and have spent the time between actually making the thing.

Don't get me wrong, I love Sony's products, but it seems they're lying bastards when it comes to publicly talking about these sort of things.

PirateThom3329d ago

In-game XMB would cause flooding on a massive scale...

From the tears of Xbox fanboys. :p

Seriously though, I'd rather it be released perfect than rushed and not work well at all.

P4KY B3329d ago

In game XMB is the last piece in the 'when will I buy a PS3' jigsaw.

Lifendz3329d ago

You're not waiting for MGS4 like every one else that doesn't have a PS3?

Bnet3433328d ago

He was talking about the fanboys, assuming you aren't one.

Ri0tSquad3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

vjkhv: "we need it 4 sending messeges u noob hoe"


"If Sony has a plan for in-game XMB, there’s a good chance it’s going to kick a ridiculous amount of ass."

I hope so. But I'm really not expecting it to blow me away. All I see Sony adding in the first in-game XMB update is only messaging.