Good Looks Ahead: What's Next for HDTV?

Five years ago, just about any flat-panel television could induce oohs and aahs, and high-definition was a rarity. Today, although flat-panel HDTVs are in only 25 percent of American households, they're common enough that the gee-whiz factor is gone. So where do HDTVs go from here?

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Genesis53720d ago

So far only for the rich & famous

PumPum3720d ago

I saw a few of Sonys OLED screens at a electronics store near my office and man the colours and contrast is great! If only they made the screens bigger, it was about 17" i think.

Right now im satisfied with my brand new 1080p screen that i got last thursday ^^ <3

PumPum3720d ago

Next is +50" OLED 1080p. After that who knows? ULTRA HD starwars 3D holo?