All The Confirmed, Un-Announced & Rumoured Xbox720 Game Titles

Here are all the Confirmed, Un-Announced & Rumoured Game titles that are expected to be released on Microsoft's Next-Gen Console - which was announced earlier today that it will be officially revealed to the public on May 21st. Keep checking back to this page as well be sure to update it once more information becomes available, also If you think we've missed anything let us know.

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Snookies121826d ago

Link, Samus, and Mario really shouldn't be in that picture lol...

Good_Guy_Jamal1826d ago

Maybe he knows something we don't!
Forza 5 has got me excited. Probably the only exclusive IP that could single-handedly make me Jump In Deeper (yes yes, that's what she said).
Other IP's that could make me make the jump on their own are Mass Effect and Red Dead Redemption.

What I'm also looking forward to almost as much as the games is the controller. If they have fixed that pain of a D-pad and made RB & LB proper buttons then it will quite simply be the perfect controller for me.
Somethins like this would make my day.

iGAM3R-VIII1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

@ Goodguyjamal LOL Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect isn't an IP for MS, it was a multiplat and it will stay that way.Also that controllers D-pad looks worse than the XBox 360's and I would rather use the Xbox's controller than that.

Anyway I think that the Sonic game for 720 is a very very low chance, I doubt Sega would do that.

dcbronco1825d ago

Actually Sega could use some money and MS has some of that.

fermcr1825d ago

As of now... there's not even one game confirmed for next Xbox. Even the next Xbox is not confirmed.

BattleTorn1825d ago

I think it's safe to assume #XboxReveal means a the Next-Xbox is comfirmed.

Call me crazy.

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BattleTorn1825d ago

Here's to hoping Halo has a successful (2nd) generation transition!

MooseWI1825d ago

I have had my Xbox Live account and paid for it 8 years in a row now, but these titles don't get me excited to buy another system from Microsoft, this might be the generation I don't buy..

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The story is too old to be commented.