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Iwata discusses Wii U’s poor momentum

The Wii U has not been able to maintain any momentum. This is most apparent in the marketplace, where the console has struggled to sell worldwide. (Wii U)

kalkano  +   827d ago
"At E3, we will disclose more specific information about the titles for the rest of this year and early next year."

I thought Nintendo wasn't going to be at E3, this year... Didn't they just announce that?
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PopRocks359  +   827d ago
No. That's what anyone who didn't read past the headline will tell you. They're going to be at E3 like always. They just won't be having a large-scale presentation like in previous years, rather smaller scale ones with a greater focus on the western market apparently.
Zezo  +   826d ago
Do people on n4g ever read the full articles?
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deafdani  +   826d ago
Not usually, no.
ScubbaSteve  +   826d ago
To be fair half of the articles on here are just flame bait and not worth giving hits.
zeal0us  +   827d ago
Me personally I don't think they should have reveal the WiiU in 2011. They should have just reveal features and upcoming games for their next gen title without revealing the actual console(basically what Sony did in February). When 2012 came around then they should have reveal the actual console and showed what it can do. This would've help with momentum.

Not only that but they should've threw away the tablet idea away. Also kept the motion gaming focus. Possibly doing something similar to the Kinect(controller-less gameplay) for their casual gamers and families. This would got rid of any confusion about rather it or not its addon or a new console.

For their core audience they could've strengthen the system so that its more future-poof(console wise). Far as Nintendo franchise titles go, make them controller-only, no motion gaming functions. This overall would've offer more possibilities for some Nintedo titles(imagine a Zelda game on par with or even stronger than that trailer they showed during E3), lured more third party developers and increase the console life and kept the core audience happy.

TLDR; Nintendo should've waited till 2012 to reveal the console. Got rid of the tablet controller idea. Made the system more future-proof/increasing the system overall specs. Evolve the motion gaming to something similar to the Kinect to get the keep the casual and family gamers happy. Made the core titles/Nintendo franchise titles controller-only (no motion gaming functions) to keep its core gamers happy.
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jcnba28  +   827d ago
Nintendo aren't forcing you to use motion controls. Ever hear of the Wii U pro controller?
zeal0us  +   827d ago
Don't recall ever saying they were. The things I said in my previous is just thing I thought Nintendo should have done.

I said "Made the core titles/Nintendo franchise titles controller-only (no motion gaming functions) to keep its core gamers happy." because some to most core gamers on any platform don't care for motion gaming/kinect/move functionality in their core titles.

Even though core gamers don't care for it some developers still want to include that functionality to their gamers.

Sure they aren't forcing you to use the functionality but why make it in the first place when a small margin only going to use. Rather wasting time implementing such functionality they could put more time in the overall game.
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baldulf  +   826d ago
Can you use the Pro controller on DKC Returns, on Zelda Wind Waker or Super Mario Galaxy?

Same story on the Wii U than on the Wii. The good games dont allow the pro controller option.
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GodsPerfectK7ng  +   827d ago
Game companies want more ddram and faster processers and bigger hard drives what did you give them a new remote!!! How about we bring back playstation 1 Nintendo or super Nintendo that is the games I need to be playing in (2013) so bad!!!!
Nevers0ft  +   827d ago
*checks Wii U specs* It does have more ram and a faster processor than the last generation :/

Would you be happier if all three console manufacturers just released consoles with the same basic specs with nothing to differentiate them? All three consoles will have their up and down sides, the console that is all things to all people doesn't exist.
GodsPerfectK7ng  +   827d ago
its 2013 bro how long can Nintendo recycle the same system before people get tired it!!! I am trying to look out for the peoples interests here and my interests that is why I will support Play Station 4 and Xbox 720!!!!
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Nevers0ft  +   826d ago
I didn't realise you were some sort of social crusader fighting for my rights... Thank you?

I'm not sure what interests you're fighting for but sounds like "Less risks and more polygons". The market needs a powerhouse console, I don't dispute that but we also need a varied console market. If all three consoles looked and acted the same, where's the excitement and innovation? Take the Occulus Rift for example - low resolution graphics but innovative and something that I'll almost certainly buy when the retail version is available.

What did Nintendo re-cycle... The name and the PPC-based CPU? Sticking with the same family of CPUs (albeit significantly faster versions) is a wise choice if you want to maintain backwards compatibility without half-assing it.
deafdani  +   826d ago
I love how you bring up the Playstation 1 for comparison when talking about more ddram and faster processors... the PS1 was roughly HALF the power of the N64, still it mopped the floor with it.

Why? Not because of power, dude, but games. GAMES.

Which is exactly what the Wii U is lacking right now, and which is exactly what it needs to gain momentum. It wouldn't matter if the Wii U was actually more powerful than the PS4 and next Xbox will be, if it doesn't have the games to back it up.
GodsPerfectK7ng  +   826d ago
Developer support is needed for all those games for the wii u to be made and when I saw the Nintendo wii u the fist time I laughed because that new controller was a joke to me like that is the innovation you brought for a brand new console and is next generation gaming in 2012, a new wii same graphics card and add a u to the end to make it sound like its next generation gaming without pc specs. More like lets go back to when the wii was released because it sold 100 million consoles and see if we can sell another 100 million wii u's!!!! NEXT!!!!
BigBoss1964  +   827d ago
The Wii U had momentum?
Brucis  +   827d ago
It sold like crazy when it released.
dark-kyon  +   827d ago
every consola is sold out when is released.
Brucis  +   827d ago

Not the point. The point was that the Wii U had momentum but lost it.
rezzah  +   826d ago
lol, not sure if that was a joke but it was funny.
Knushwood Butt  +   826d ago
Yeah, remember, Nintendo told us it was like sold out...
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1upgamer99  +   827d ago
As most of you know, I really like the Wii U, BUT Nintendo has done an awful job marketing the system. The commercials to the average person are confusing at best. As far as games, there have been enough out there to keep me happy, but that is only because I have a PS3 too. The games out for Wii U I am have or am into, I never really see commercials for. Lego City, Monster Hunter 3, are both great games. There are plenty of other games I have not even played, on the E-Shop if only because I am not compelled to.
Nintendo can brag all they want about Pikmin 3, but I have just never been into Pikmin much, and yes I have played them both. They were fun, but just not really my kind of game. Wonderful 101, Zelda Windwaker, Resident Evil Revelations And Mario Kart are on my radar to buy.

Hey Nintendo, you might want to market your system though, and no more New Super Mario/Luigi U games, yes they are fun, but I would rather see a 3D Mario/Luigi game.
nevin1  +   826d ago
Nintendo should of took all that profits fron DS/Wii/3DS and produce a beefier console.
sarcastoid  +   826d ago
Perhaps I'm going out on a limb here but... maybe the poor sales are stemming from the fact that the Wii U is a current gen system being released at the END of the current gen cycle and that people are saving their hard earned money for an actual next-gen system? I think that has SOMETHING to do with it.

And before someone says something about the Wii being successful with older tech, the Wii was a fad. It had some GREAT games, but without that mainstream craze it had going for it from NON-GAMERS, it would've fallen flat long ago. The Wii-U cannot possibly grab that same non-gaming crowd as the Wii did. That fad no longer remains.
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Triggytrolls  +   826d ago
I would say its the lack of games personally.

I picked up a Wii U because I wanted to play MarioU, ZombiU, Pikmin 3, Monster Hunter ect. I own a decent PC yet I still play games on my shitty Xbox 360.
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BrianC6234  +   826d ago
Why buy a Wii U when you can buy a next gen console in a few months?
Triggytrolls  +   826d ago
Said the sheep.

But you're right in a way, ps fans will buy a ps4, Xbox fans will buy an Xbox just like Nintendo fans bought a WiiU. But then you have people like me that intend on buying all three. (Not all at once of course, when and if I can afford them)
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LOL_WUT  +   826d ago
This was known for a while I doubt with the release of Pikmin 3 would do them any good. Hopefully they have a price cut plan in the foreseeable future. ;)
jacksheen0000  +   826d ago
Iwata is just stating the obvious they don't have enough games ready for e3 that's all really.
sephx22  +   826d ago
Nintendo was relying on 3rd party support. 3rd party games were suppose to keep Wii u owners busy while they had all the time they needed to make their games. but that plan backfire, the developers didn`t like the Wii U. No games were made. Then there all the negative things said about the Wii u. Seeing that Nintendo is in trouble Sony dealt a serious blow with its announcement and now may 21st....
Triggytrolls  +   826d ago
Nintendo are not in trouble, they have to much monies to be in trouble. They just need some games.

Relying on games that I've already played on my 360/PC? I highly doubt that was their plan.
o-Sunny-o  +   826d ago
I guess my tv won't be taking my money any time soon...from Nintendo.

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