Microsoft and NeXt-box: The Tale of Great Calender Magic

VG Republic Writes: A twisted tale is unraveling as we find our prognosticate in quite a desired spot. The shifters of time and momentum have worked their magic and created an optimum placement for their greatest trick of all; their unveiling of their Futuristic Gaming Machine! We jump to the current state and time to see what they have up their sleeve next:

Today, the great shifters of time and momentum, Microsoft and as we like to call it the NeXt-box swung quite a haymaker at the competition as they sent out announcements, as shown on CVG, to the media, developers, and analysts alike about their upcoming event on the 21st of May. The show will more than likely be much of the same, in comparison to Sony and their event in which they showed off the PlayStation 4. Proof was in the conference, that showing off the system is important, but presenting the games and what the system is capable of is the vital piece of the puzzle. The more interesting thing heading into the show is how...

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Snookies121824d ago

Shifters of time and momentum? Lol, what exactly gives Microsoft that extravagant title?

VirtualKatz1824d ago

Read the piece and find out ;-) you can approve too if you want lol!

GamersRulz1823d ago

people overhyping everything these days. even a reveal date Lol

Knight_Crawler1823d ago

Go MS!

The 720 will be amazing.

oldassgamer1823d ago

We hope... Gut feeling says MS is going to screw this one up, but hey, I've been wrong before.