Ripten Live: Haze Hands On – The Horror Revealed

Ripten writes: "Free Radical's new FPS might just take the leap as being the first that really showcases the horror of war. Ripten got to experience it for ourselves when we sat down with a February build of the game at Live.

The fact that the Mantel PMC in Haze pushes Nectar onto its soldiers as an enhancing drug is well known. It sounds simple enough, but the allegory here is relevant to war veterans who were fed drugs to make them fearless and unquestioning; because Nectar, as it turns out, is both a blessing and a curse.

Nectar wasn't so useful when we were stuck inside closed underground environments, but when you're fighting in dense foliage, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it."

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sonarus3540d ago

yea the biggest complaint so far for this game are the inconsistent visuals

Sevir043540d ago

the term bland visuals may get tossed in alot. but hey deserts are bland if you ask me. but the jungle foliage parts are pretty nice to look at.

i for one will give Haze a Try, though if the demo tells me that this is a dud i'll stop there. ^^ still there is some hype behind it so i wanna play more than just a fickle demo. bring on the may release

resistance1003540d ago

I agree with parts, the visuals are lush in some parts but 'bland' in others but as Sevir04 says the environments play a part in it. Gameplay wise, i really can't complain to much about it so far.

My previews can be found on my blog if you haven't read them yet - http://resistance100.wordpr...

Asurastrike3540d ago

General opinion seems to be that the game is good.

heyheyhey3540d ago

good read

haze is and always has been a day-one purchase for me

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