Main Character of The Evil Within revealed

"Famitsu's latest issue got a big feature on The Evil Within, also known as PsychoBreak in Japan, although scans are not yet available, Famitsu posted the cover of the magazine, which includes artwork revealing Sebastian's face, along with some sample pages, check them out below."

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1735d ago
Rikitatsu1735d ago

Nice, looks like the lantern will be an essential item in the game, I've seen in two artworks so far.

Root1735d ago

So I'm guessing the collectors edition will be a lantern :)

1735d ago
Root1735d ago

He's like a mix between Chris and Leon

Inception1734d ago

The normal Chris cause i hate the steroid Chris :(
And from the official site there also a female officer besides Sebastian, name Julie 'Kid' Kidmann

Maybe we can play as her in certain point. Cause from the looks of it, Evil Within reminds me of RE 1.

DarkBlood1734d ago

well he is the creator after all lol good thing in my book

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1734d ago

He wasn't on steroids!!! <_< He got like that through intense training so that he could stand a chance against Wesker. When he and Wesker met in Antarctica (Code Veronica X) Wesker tossed him around like a ragdoll. If it wasn't for the base nearly blowing them both to bits Wesker probably would've killed both Chris & Claire. It made perfect sense that he'd bulk up for their next inevitable encounter (Doubt he'd just chug steroids). Plus it's cool that his character changes, makes him more human. Unlike Leon and his ageless RE2 look.

DarkBlood1734d ago

your forgetting that chris saw the opportunity to pull the lever dropping the pipes :P

CanadianTurtle1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I'm guessing Capcom feels like garbage right now when they compare this game ( a true survival horror) to that mediocre trash Resident Evil 6

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1734d ago

Capcom can feel? :0
As in FEELINGS?!??!!?

On topic: He's a sexy looking S.O.B :b

Porcelain_Chicken1734d ago

Capcom doesn't feel like anything. In fact they're probably wondering how to make bigger explosions and QTE's that are even more usless than in Re6.

DarkBlood1734d ago

if anything this should push them to remake re2 so im kind of glad ish in a way lol

Kratoscar20081734d ago

Hopefully it wont be a special OPs or highly trained protagonist.

SHs work best with an everyday average joe character to get the player feel the same fear the character will feel.

Rikitatsu1734d ago

He's a detective, make of that what you will. :P

Kratoscar20081734d ago

Detective like Edward Carnby? I would be okay with that.

Heavenly King1732d ago

As long as the melee combat does not suck like in every silent hill game, I dont care.

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