PS3 System Update 4.41 Live Now - Download Links Here

Sony has released their latest firmware update for the PS3.

Details and download links now available.

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ftwrthtx1250d ago

They didn't wait very long to release it. I prefer it that way.

Good_Guy_Jamal1250d ago

Why exactly? What's preferrable about a new update making the old one redundant in a matter of weeks?
I prefer knowing that updates are substantial enough to keep things stable for a while to come.

ftwrthtx1250d ago

They didn't wait very long after announcing it, not the time between updates.

elhebbo161250d ago

...But everything is stable.

Pintheshadows1250d ago

I never understand this criticism. I personally prefer smaller updates across the board for any service rather than one massive one every now and then. If it is ready why hold back, however inconsequential it may seem.

imsocool12341250d ago

In before something brick something something..

trouble_bubble1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Too late. It bricked my XBox. How does that even work? And for some reason my car won't start. -shakes fist east-

ftwrthtx1250d ago

As long as it doesn't brick your iBox. LOL

Serjikal_Strike1250d ago

Probably nothing we will notice, it downloaded fairly quick for me.

imsocool12341250d ago

Probably security update.

JonnyBigBoss1250d ago

Another update that does nothing for the consumer side. At least Sony is consistent at having crappy updates.

JoGam1250d ago

Dude, every update does something. Rather you see it or not. Its different than before.

Pintheshadows1250d ago

'Another update that does nothing for the consumer side'

So like most updates for everything then.

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