Xbox 720 Games That Could Propel a Successful Launch

With the announcement of the next Xbox set for next month, many Xbox gamers are excited to see what Microsoft will have in store when it launches ideally later this year.

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Munky1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Games I'm hoping for:

Alan Wake 2
Bethesda game
Halo 5
Epic game (Marlowe Briggs)
Next gen Madden
Black Tusk game
Rare game

In the end I just hope they make the games the main focus of the presentation.

aviator1891826d ago

I'm definitely pining for a new alan wake and the revival of an old rare franchise.

Though, I also hope we get to see a sneak peek of black tusk's upcoming game.

Army_of_Darkness1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

If Microsoft releases Killer instinct 1-2(HD remake) as well as a new Killer instinct 3 for the xbox 720!! oOOoOOOH shhhhhhiiit! That's gonna put me in a sticky situation!....

Also Alan wake 2 and Gears of something would be cool as well.

dcbronco1826d ago

Army I'm shocked.

All this time I thought you were team Jacob.

Army_of_Darkness1826d ago

Hahaha! Better than that skinny emo vamp team edward;-)

Truehellfire1826d ago

I think Microsoft definitely needs to have Alan Wake 2 as a launch title, or at least launch it not too far off. Pretty sure it won't be an exclusive seeing as Alan Wake and American Nightmare both released for the PC, but it not being on the PS4 is what really matters.

Roccetarius1826d ago

Just to throw another RPG in there, Microsoft should revisit Lost Odyssey.

Root1826d ago

"Will it be possible that Bethesda will give some exclusivity to Microsoft again? Most likely"

Doubt that the PS4 has a more simple design Bethesda will hopefully understand more I doubt they would give Microsoft exclusive stuff now since they can get the most out of both consoles.

joab7771826d ago

For some reason I see battlefield exclusivity coming to xbox. Now, I know they had been aligned with PS before but I think it may happen. As far as CoD goes, I dunno. Activision seemed to be supporting the ps4 so it may get interesting. But they need a few big exclusives not just sequels.

dcbronco1826d ago

The amount of money needed to make that happen would be counter productive. Something that sells 10 million copies on PS will require millions and millions to make exclusive. Exclusivity has to start when a game is unproven.

Jek_Porkins1826d ago

Hoping for Alan Wake 2, that game could take great advantage of the new hardware. I doubt they show off a new IP until E3, but maybe a couple of older ones would be nice. Ryse, Perfect Dark reboot, or Project Gotham Racing 5.

biRdy1826d ago

Or surprise everyone with Killer Instinct!

aviator1891826d ago

A Perfect Dark reboot sounds great. Its multiplayer has tons of potential; I remember playing the original's mp all day with my cousins.

trouble_bubble1826d ago

Crackdown 3 on a new frikkin map plz.

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