Somber Forecast For Toshiba; $1 Billion Losses On HD DVD Demise


"We've all been wondering since the February announcement of Toshiba dropping on HD DVD what the impact will be on the company. According to estimations from Japan's Nikkei business daily, Toshiba will suffer a $1 billion loss for this business year, but the company said they were not responsible for the announcement so therefore they cannot comment on it."

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decapitator3687d ago

Well you can't blame them for not wanting to say anything. 1B in losses is not something you can easily spin and call it a day.

heyheyhey3687d ago


looking at Tosh logo on my laptop right now, feeling sorry for such a great company (yes i am aware that they all have millions in the bank anyway, but still- Tosh is a company i would not like to see sink)

SacT0wnF1n3st3686d ago

Hey you win some you lose some that's a nature of business.

3686d ago
Phil Harrison Mk43686d ago

They make good stuff so they will be ok;)

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