Dead Island Riptide Review

The Zombie apocalypse is upon us in Paradise..... now known as Dead Island.

Be prepared at all times to engage in battle with the undead, it is one gore fest after another. With well-timed attacks you can crush skulls and dismember body parts, the blood and crunching noise, let alone the XP you gain, you are consistently looking to hit that L2 button.

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sdozzo1671d ago

From 55/100 to A+

I think if you liked the last one you'll like this... and if you didn't, you won't.

Derekvinyard131671d ago

It's really true, I can see why people hate this game because its more of the first one which was a love hate type thing but I loved the first one, I feel if you stick with it, it gets really good but if gamers don't like something within the first 10 min I feel there just going to shove it to the side

E2S1671d ago

lol is the reviewer the mother of someone who worked on the game?

TeamPwnage11667d ago

lol no but that was good.....

VersaVulture891671d ago

The first game was in between 65%-70% for me. While I haven't played the sequel yet, I doubt it's an amazing game. It's a rental for me. Just my opinion.