Soul Sacrifice Demo Impressions []

"Soul Sacrifice has to be one of the biggest releases for the PS Vita and the system defiantly needs it. Sony has released an absolutely massive demo to get Vita owners ready for the game releasing at the end of April for North America and early May for Europe. This demo gives you more than a small slice of the game and instead gives you everything you would do in the begging of the game along with a few missions to test your strength."

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mephman1886d ago

Looks like this could be another interesting title for the Vita.

rezzah1886d ago

It is.

Someone previously mentioned this being the void filler for the lack of MH, and it is true.

The way it will fill that void will vary, but it is a decent replacement.

Beetey1886d ago

Not to rant, but is it just me or are demo impressions totally pointless? I mean, the demo is out there for anyone to download. Wouldn't people get a better idea of how the game will be by playing it themselves instead of reading about someone else playing it? Just my two cents.

Ultr1886d ago

yeah, but that's the point, to put the players impression on the demo out in the internet.
So that everybody can discuss and see if they feel the same or get new aspects they did not realise and so on...


Beetey1886d ago

I guess I can respect that, but TBH if I have access to a demo, I couldn't care less about how others feel about it.

NeoTribe1886d ago

Than people would have to make up there own mind...

belac091886d ago

it is the best new IP for the vita by far. it is amazing! graphics, gameplay, depth and multiplayer is really fun.

Fistedcupps1886d ago

Yep this and Dragon Crown are my next vita games to buy.

spok221886d ago

Couple more days till the full release. Can't wait. :)

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