Mass Effect series’ lead writer is working on Mass Effect 4

During a journalist Q & A session after the Canadian Video Game Awards, the Mass Effect franchise’s lead writer revealed that he’s working on the next title in the Mass Effect series.

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trouble_bubble1826d ago

Anyone who had anything to do with Starchild should never write again.

"...he doesn’t think the majority of Mass Effect fans had an issue with Mass Effect 3′s ending and that it was just a very vocal minority."

LMAO, yeah I'm sure BioWare scrambled to release a FREE extended 'we're sorry' ending DLC that cost em money, just to appease a "vocal minority". Buck up Walters. Simple solution: don't suck next time

Canary1825d ago

ME3's writing was just completely drivel from the outset. There was no transition in to the start of the third game, fewer dialog options, virtually zero interrupt moments, and the plot was pathetic, consisting of a MacGuffin Hunt that ended with a Deus ex Machina.

Yes, the ending was bad--but so was the rest of the game.

The fact that Bioware is STILL refusing to acknowledge that they screwed over their fans means we really shouldn't expect the quality of their titles to increase in the future.

Bimkoblerutso1825d ago

Dat space magic, man. Dat space magic.

mysterious_warrior1825d ago

Dude you hit it right on the nail! With Hack Walters writing you know it will be full of plot holes, no foreshadowing, and just straight up garbage.

Blacktric1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

"and that it was just a very vocal minority"

I expected him to blame those who didn't like the ending for being bigots and sexist pigs on top like EA PR does every damn time. All this makes it obvious that Bioware's now truly become one with EA. It's sad to know that none of these problems will be solved or at least improved a little bit, thanks to the Bioware's new fanbase that's comprised of 15 year old girls with 10 different Tumblr accounts that's filled with half assed, overly saturated Mass Effect and Doctor Who gifs with irrelevant quotes on or under them.

Sideras1825d ago

The funny thing is that I could buy the shit with they did wrong all the way to the ending of ME3 at that point you start digging looking for faults in other places. And hooly shit do I feel stupid for supporting that pile of shit that is Mass Effect.
The art style is almost completely ripped off, stolen (not "inspired by") from Syd Mead. There's the whole shit with the background picture post ending. The stock photo shit with Talis face. The planet select screen music Uncharted Worlds sounds almost like the Geoscape music from Xcom.
And on it goes...

All this shit and they have the fucking stomache to talk about 'artistic integrity'.

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pat_11_51824d ago

Was Starchild really that bad?

aliengmr1824d ago

Like replacing The Emperor with a holographic Ewok at the end of ROTJ...Except, worse.

maniacmayhem1825d ago

Mass Effect 3 just didn't have that spark I enjoyed from part 2.

The fact that Shepard was out in space recruiting while Earth is getting annihilated took me out of the game a few times. Not to mention it seemed that the choices I made in two really didn't have any real changes made in three.

I would really love to see a part 4 and where they can go.

Jek_Porkins1825d ago

Did he write the first Mass Effect? That game was amazing, loved it and put over 100 hours into it when it launched on the Xbox 360 in 2007.

Liked Mass Effect 2, but seemed more like companion missions took the forefront. Mass Effect 3 was epic in my opinion, all the way until the ending, which I took as being indoctrinated, not sure if I was wrong or not, but it didn't matter what you did you were screwed is what I took from it.

Bercilak1825d ago

Absolutely not. When I saw the headline, I got excited for a microsecond because I thought that they had roped in Drew Karpashyn to write the next game. He's the guy who wrote the amazing game you (and I) played. He also wrote about half of the second game but then left. You can see a pretty direct correlation between his departure and the precipitous decline in the quality of writing.

Mac Walters, the lead writer of the series? Hah. He couldn't write his way out of a paper bag.

Sideras1825d ago

The writer on the first game was Drew Karphyshyn. So that's the reason ME1 atleast had a good story. It wasn't the most polished game but atleast the concept and ideas behinnd everything were good but for some reason the decided to just scrap everything instead of fixing it for ME2. Along comes a heavy inclusion of Cerberus Mac Walters abomination that completely fuckes everything up.

mochachino1825d ago

As long as it's not Gears of War 3s writer.

Roccetarius1825d ago

Bioware is probably trying to pick up the pieces they have left. I have zero faith in their next games, because of their continued lack of quality.

Good thing we have CDPR, which dropped MP from Witcher 3.

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