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Do You Think The PlayStation Vita Will Get a Price Drop to $199.99 at E3 2013?

It might be hard to believe, but E3 is less than 7 weeks away. There’s obviously going to be a huge focus from Sony on the PlayStation 4 and its new features and games, with the PS Vita and PS3 getting some attention as well. - PSLS (PS Vita)

TrendyGamers  +   610d ago
With all the PS4 info that week, I don't think they will.
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iGAM3R-VIII  +   610d ago
They will, the Vita may also be bundled with the PS4 at launch. I think that because the Vita did so well at the drop in Japan, the North America will get a price drop.
darthv72  +   610d ago
I could see
them announcing a vita ps4 bundle in addition to a price drop.

It certainly couldnt hurt.
Dan_scruggs  +   610d ago
The Vita will never come bundled in with the PS4. I say that with absolute certainty.
elhebbo16  +   610d ago
was there ever a PS3/PSP bundle just out of curiosity?
YoloSwag  +   609d ago
It's at a baseline of 15K with that drop. Yeah, not that well...
adorie  +   610d ago
They'd be wise to drop the price. If this was Sony of old, with more money and clout, they could afford to drop it enough to compete directly with the 3DS.

The 3DS is a very fine gaming handheld, but I see great potential in the Vita and I do believe it should receive more support and bask in sales so that more devs take notice and add more support.

Get the Squaresoft PS1 catalogue on there for starters, localize for NA and EU, get Konami's PS1 catalogue in there as well and Capcom's RE1-4 and Megaman X games on there and that would be a great start.

After that, start pumping out new I.P's, heck pump out the new I.P's inbetween, if it makes sense.

I don't want to see the Vita sink, the PSPGO was one hanheld I knew would go down, but not this little device deserves a true chance to prove itself.


These three things will be important to the PlayStation Vita. Now, let's see what happens.

*gets inside of time machine*
darthv72  +   610d ago
poor little pspgo...
so misunderstood and yet easy to pick on. There were several things it did right which were incorporated into the vita and yet because of the digital only nature it will forever be the whipping post of sony's portable repertoire.

In spite of your faults...I gladly take you into my collection.
CommonSenseGamer  +   610d ago
PSPGo was great and I was the proud owner of one. The Vita, well, I'm not convinced it will go the distance.
Thirty3Three  +   610d ago
It doesn't need one.

People thought the Vita would retail for 400-600 dollars (USA currency)
We were all REALLY surprised at the 250-tag.

People are just being selfish.

The PSP was priced at 250, and people thought it was MORE than fair.

Now an even better handheld comes out, stronger in every respect, and people complain. SMH.

Now the memory cards, those need a price drop. The system's pricing is MORE than fair.


I agree, Capt-FuzzyPants!
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Capt-FuzzyPants  +   610d ago
You may think it's worth it and you may be right too, but in the end the Vita isn't selling well. To a business the most important thing is sales and profits. The pricing may be fair, but Sony needs to do something to get people to buy it and buy the games.

It is a great handheld, but some people just don't have the money for it. And yes the memory cards need a major price drop. I would love to get a bigger memory card because I've already run out of room, but they're too expensive at the moment.
Salooh  +   610d ago
Exactly. I would buy ps4 at any price because it's obvious we will get great games for it. I mean it even if it's 700$. But i regret the vita. It gave me headache to understand how the limitation works, Games are not what i expected. Memory cards are tooooooo expensive same goes for the games but the content of the games are not worth that price at alllllll.

They are moving like baby steps . Slower then the ps3 and that's why i'm noticing it and complaining. Ps3 had great games both exclusive and multiplatform but vita have nothing even though it's more promising then the ps3.
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jcnba28  +   610d ago
They need to announce a price drop, the 3DS is destroying it in both hardware and software sales.
-GametimeUK-  +   610d ago
I hope so, but I'm with you on this one. I am on the verge of purchasing one and a price drop will make me get one instantly. I am just concerned that the console is going to fail. :(
Mr_Writer85  +   610d ago
Do you have Plus? If you do stop being so soft and buy one!

You won't regret it!
majiebeast  +   610d ago
They will and announce a PS4+Vita combo at 499,99$.
ftwrthtx  +   610d ago
I can't see them going with that price point for both. Maybe 599
majiebeast  +   610d ago
You are probably right maybe 549 but i already have my Vita so only a PS4 for me.
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BeZdaBest  +   610d ago
i see the ps4 reaching 499$ all by its self..
all the stuff in the ps4 dont come that cheap.. or maybe they can replace the dualshock 4 with the vita and sell the bundle for 649$. with a cross buy/play game... most likely digital.. i want the ps4 to be under 5oo$ so i can scoop it up like 2-4 months later....but i overestimate the price of things so i wont be surprised if that the actual price..

but on the ps vita price drop... i dont see why not.. most likely their waiting for a certain game to bundle it with so sale can explode like they did in japan
kneon  +   610d ago
I think they could afford to sell a vita+ps4 bundle at around $100 over the standalone ps4 price. With the yen finally going down to more normal levels I expect the manufacturing cost is down around $100. I only paid $199 for mine last year and that included assassins creed and a 4gb card.
adorie  +   610d ago
Day now, if that is true.
Wedge19  +   610d ago
I agree that there will be a PS4 and Vita combo pack.
Tewi-Inaba  +   610d ago
bundled with no games how suiting

It's a joke...don't kill me 8)
Beetey  +   610d ago
If they do have a Vita/PS4 combo pack, they should release it like two weeks early.
TrendyGamers  +   610d ago
You mean kind of like what they did with the PS Vita First Edition Bundle?
capjacksparrow  +   610d ago
I think they would do well to drop the price and include a memory card in every bundle. Playing Persona 4 Golden now and it is friggin awesome. The system is well worth it's price even now in my opinion, but if they want to sell more, the price needs to drop.
sherimae2413  +   610d ago
the ones ive been waiting for a price drop are those pricey memory cards...
but a vita price drop would be appreciate, pls sony a lot of expecting it at e3
or atleast before the ps4 release..
Pillsbury1  +   610d ago
No doubt it will be dropped at least near Xmas.
arbitor365  +   610d ago
the vita will do alot better with a price drop. but they need to drop the price of memory as well. that is what really gets people
cyberninja  +   610d ago
I'm not sure whether it will get a price cut or not, but I know that price cut definitely would help.
wolokowoh  +   610d ago
$169 would be better. What they should do is drop the price memory cards and start bundling 16 and 32 gb cards.
Jek_Porkins  +   610d ago
It should have gotten a price drop earlier in the year, before the announcement of the PS4 would have been preferable.

I'll get disagrees, but a lot of people (myself included) want a Vita, but with two new next gen consoles coming, don't want to spend $200-$300 for a handheld at the moment.
Williamson  +   610d ago
The sooner the vita price gets slashed to $199 then the better.
boybato  +   610d ago
though a price drop is certainly most welcome, it would be more enticing if they'll announce the vita's " hidden" projects eg. ucga 2, gr2 , localizations co produced by sony etc etc

edit: given the vita's connectivity with the ps4 a price drop would most pro ably entice ps4 adaptors... if you could still afford it. ;p
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sherimae2413  +   610d ago
i definitely agree with you about sony should announce hidden projects for the vita, atleast this would give hope to us and to make the vita more enticing ^_^
dbjj12088  +   610d ago
It definitely needs one.
imXify  +   610d ago
Sony already did a PS3+Vita combo pack for students that buy a Vaio laptop. The price was 2.5k$ I think
DarkBlood  +   610d ago
now if they would just freaking release a red vita lol, techically the only reason i decided to hold out in the first place regardless if a price droped or not but that would be a bonus too
Pillsbury1  +   610d ago
Price drop will help the vita, we have already seen this in Japan. They also need to drop the prices of the memory cards, by alot. Come on Sony give us fair prices for memory and we will fill them up with more games.
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Salooh  +   610d ago
price drop wont help it that much since no AAA games released or even announced for it.

Price drop won't give me anything because i already bought it but not buying one game for it. It's that boring to me. I'm playing ps1 and psp games i already bought so no support from me. It's sucks for me and that's the truth. I'm not interested on small games. They are giving us games like resistance made in less then 6 months. They are not serious so i'm not. Sony deserve the low sales for limiting the vita. Great gaming device but useless. Waiting for e3 to see if they at least announce 3 serious games.

Still waiting though. Vita is just for show off right now >.<..
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Mr_Writer85  +   610d ago
Wait wait wait....

You bought a Vita even though there were no games that you wanted? And then you moan there are no games you want?

I fail to see the logic, I mean fair enough if you said 'I haven't bought a Vita as none of the games appeal to me' as that's the same reason I havent and probably never will buy a 3DS.

But if you knew that there wasn't any games you wanted then why buy a Vita?

Also define AAA because I'd say Uncharted is AAA.
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Salooh  +   610d ago
I bought it because of sony history. They always give us great games since the ps1. I didn't expect them to do these limitations to the vita and not take it seriously. Obviously they learned their lesson from the vita and they are acknowledging what we need for the ps4 but they need to fix the vita too. You understand me now ?. I never saw this coming. But they still have a chance.

1or2 good games for more then a year is not enough. We need games we like. We need interesting ips. Without that vita is useless. Didn't you expect or wish to play call of duty or battlefield or gta or gt or tekken..etc anywhere you want ?. That's what i saw when it's announced. I didn't see my self playing ps1 games or indie games..etc

I'm not asking something the vita can't do.
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Mr_Writer85  +   610d ago
But it has Uncharted, it has Call of Duty, it has Assasins Creed and has Final Fantasy 10 coming...

See Vita owners don't seem to know what they want. Some like yourself want console like games on a handheld. Yet others want small unique games that are different from console.

The problem is Sony have catered for both, yet both parties don't think it's enough.

I am in the small % of Vita owners who want both and I'm extremely happy with what's on offer. Ofcourse I want more and more games but I think the balance is just right.
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NiteX  +   610d ago
It will be before E3.
r21  +   610d ago
Price drops and some vita exclusive game reveals would be nice.
trenso1  +   610d ago
im planning on it, i want one for soul sacrifice
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   610d ago
If they do I would jump right on that.
Rivitur  +   610d ago
Well you can already buy a Vita for $189.99 I've seen used at $150.
MasterCornholio  +   610d ago
Yes along with a special edition Vita bundled with Killzone or Tearaway. I also expect the memory cards to receive a price drop as well because currently on amazon they retail for 73€ which is still to expensive in my opinion.
o-Sunny-o  +   609d ago
Vita is a beauty!

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