Do JRPGs Really Need to Innovate to Survive?

Chad Awkerman Writes: "Frankly, innovation is overrated. The word “innovation” seems to be put up on this high and mighty pedestal as something that games in general – not just JRPGs – need to do to be relevant. The problem here is perception and expectation. If you perceive innovation to be needed, then you come to expect it. But, we really shouldn’t perceive it to be needed at all. Why?"

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Godmars2901668d ago

the problem is most game rely on the tried and true mechanics of Dragon Quest.

majiebeast1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Yeah and for good reason Dragonquest VIII is 1 of the best JRPG's ive played next to Chrono trigger. Nothing this gen beats it, i loved Xenoblade and Ninokuni but DQ8 is in a league of its own.


If it aint broke dont fix it.

kalkano1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I think you misunderstood. He's saying those battle systems similar to DQ8 are the problem.

@ majiebeast

I agree. I just don't think Godmars290 does.

Donnieboi1668d ago

Persona series, SMT, and any JRPG by Atlus or NIS, has revived my interest in JRPG's.

ApolloTheBoss1668d ago

Damn right. Ni No Kuni and P4G MADE me a JRPG fan.

3-4-51668d ago

* Stop including annoying characters...Nobody wants to hate the game they just spent $60 on.

* Get creative with the story, but have the dialogue be more real.

* Use unique Art Styles

* The Music better be awesome

kalkano1668d ago

I can only partially agree with this article. First of all, it really annoys me when people say that storylines are why people like JRPGs...Almost EVERY GAME has a storyline. And, nowadays, most storylines are fairly in depth. I think most people like JRPGs for the gameplay. We don't like to test our twitch reflexes; we like to test our brains.

I see innovation as the difference in battle systems between each Final Fantasy, 1-10. When you change more than that, you're not innovating. You're completely changing the genre, and losing your original fanbase.

JRPGs need to take a step back, and go back to what made them successfull in the first place. Then, try to innovate again. Because they're last attempt at innovation failed miserably. It wasn't innovation. It was catering to an entirely new crowd, and changing the genre. Not everything needs to be an action-oriented WRPG. If we want to play those, we will. If we want to play turn-based JRPGs (much more often, for me), we will.

Also, bring JRPGs back to consoles, and stop making shovelware JRPGs! A game needs to look like it belongs on the system it was made for! If you release a PS3 JRPG that looks like it could have run on PS1, I'm going to assume that same level of effort went into the rest of the game, and I'll immediately label it as shovelware.

I've saved tons of money this generation, because instead of buying tons of new JRPGs, I'm playing tons of them from my backlog of games. I've recently played Dragon Quest 1-3 on SNES, and Phantasy Star 1-2 on Genesis. I've got tons of games from the NES to the PS2, still waiting to be played. The industry isn't making any money from me, while I play these old games.

HeavenlySnipes1668d ago

I think the story is the main reason for playing a JRPG. The good ones like Persona have deep stories that don't become obvious 2 hours into the game. The characters are also a big factor. You play the game for over 20 hours and character development is essential for this genre.

That is why Persona, Final Fantasy etc.. have great games in their franchise

rataranian1668d ago

You know you can't wait until FFXIII-IV. =D

kewlkat0071668d ago

If innovating involves dumbing the game whiners can play it then, NO!

patterson1668d ago

I miss turn based RPG's.

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