10 Reasons Why The Next Generation Could Be The Last For Consoles

WC - We are finally coming to a close of the 7th generation of gaming consoles. It has been utterly fascinating to see unfold and for better or worse, it has certainly set trends going forward. We now have DLC, online passes, limited editions, digital distribution and even input options like motion controls and touch screens.

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DragonKnight1859d ago

This article is riddled with PC bias. The disclaimer seems to be put there so that fans of consoles wouldn't attack the author but most of the examples cite the PC as being the better option and I laughed at "PC's don't have the same restrictions." PC invented the restrictions that consoles now employ, the only difference is that with the PC you can get around them. Anyway, this won't be the last generation of consoles so long as people are willing to buy consoles, and no amount of PC elitist wishful thinking is going to change that.

Welcome2Die1858d ago

Console gamers buy games. If anything its PC gaming thats gonna die soon, those guys never buy games they pirate the most.

DragonKnight1858d ago

That's not completely accurate. Steam makes a lot of sales and good money. PC gamers are just far more picky, sometimes to their platform's detriment.

BullyMangler1858d ago

huh ?. nnnehhhh . soon Sony and Microsoft will have one name . . . Nintendo

Sharius1858d ago

you need 10 reason? but i need only 1 to prove that wrong

that' s money, get real, publisher need money, and the only way for them to make more money is release new console

technologi mean nothing, economy have its own way to make you pay for their stuff

Axonometri1858d ago

10 bucks the following console generation has far too many "last console generation" articles...

Killzoner991858d ago

Trust me , Sony isn't dropping out of the console business any time soon. They are going to continue making the best games and consoles in the business. Everyone is always saying consoles are going to go extinct but Sony continues to make consoles relevant with the excitement stirred with the PS4 reveal.

Williaint1858d ago

They aren't even consoles, anymore.

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