Versus Episode 4: Is The Wii U A Mistake or Misunderstood? (Debate)

Gary Swaby at writes: If you listened to our latest episode of The Co-op then you'll know Edward V and I were pretty opinionated when discussing Nintendo and the Wii U. I personally fell that while the Wii U is a great piece of hardware, it was a mistake for Nintendo to release it so late into the generation.

There are many who don't agree with this, and one of those people is our very own Jakejames Lugo. Jakejames recently purchased his own Wii U and has been enjoying the console ever since. He also has a long term understanding of Nintendo and their products.

We decided that there is no better way to settle this disagreement than by taking part in our very own debate show Versus. Let us know who you feel raised the better points on this podcast and then be sure to share your very own point of view.

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ElectroJade1827d ago

That Jakejames guy is a firecracker! Dayum.

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darthv721827d ago

There are pro's and cons to it but those who dwell on the cons really have no interest in the first place. Other than citing the cons to begin with.

Those who have a genuine interest know to take the pro's with the cons and understand that every platform has to go through growing pains of appealing to many different demographics of consumers.

The lack of real compelling games is certainly not withstanding and the system will get the games...eventually. A lack of patience this gen has led to many to jump to conclusions way to soon but that is a trend that (unfortunately) is here to stay.

Should something come out that appeals to those who are currently defacing the platform, they will likely put down the torch and pitchfork and pick up a gamepad and see for themselves. But understand this, no manner of explaining it will convince people otherwise. They have to find that experience for themselves and decide.

From a marketing POV, nintendo could turn things around in a very costly manner but one that could prove very lucrative. We know the wii-u can pretty much play all existing wii/wiiware games. If they offered some type of trade in program (similar to what game stores do) where by a consumer who has a wii, sends it to nintendo and they get a percentage off the price of the wii-u.

That consumer can retain all of their existing games and accessories with the exception of titles that were purchased via the wii shop channel. You need the wii in order to transfer those games to an SD card. Taking that part into consideration, nintendo could tie the purchases to the person instead of the system so when that same person signs in to the wii-u eshop, they would be able to get their games again without the need for the SD transfer program. Who knows....they could be figuring that out at the moment.

It seems like a stretch but like i said it could be lucrative if nintendo offered a trade in. I know that when Im at stores, I generally point people to the wii-u over the wii because of its ability to play the existing library of games on top of it playing its own games. This of course is for those who dont already have a wii and are looking at the options they see at the store.

imXify1827d ago

You can't perfect what has already been perfected.

2pacalypsenow1827d ago

you saying the wii is a perfect console?? dude lay of the pipe there is not perfect console this generation

imXify1827d ago

I wasn't very specific but I'm talking more about sale numbers.

Dlacy13g1827d ago

I gotta say its a bit of both.

1) Its misunderstood for sure given many still are unclear if its an add-on to the Wii. Their marketing and support of the WiiU has been horrible. A total 180 from the Wii days.

2) Also a mistake in my eyes in that given the timing of their launch they should have thought things through a bit. Given the WiiU more beef under the hood, a different name as well. And finally just released it spring 2013. They would still have beaten MS and Sony to the punch and with beefier internals it could be set for next gen.

As is, its a poorly supported/marketed device that will be last gen officially come this holiday.

josephayal1827d ago

I just think It's too early to judge the Wii U yet

Ck1x1827d ago

This question is asked or proposed in a different way everyday... Just looking for traffic!

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