101 Uses for your Obsolete HD-DVD Player

Gameplayer writes... "A light-hearted look at the demise of the high-def format HD-DVD, offering some humorous suggestions on what Xbox 360 owners can do with their now-obsolete add-on"

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heyheyhey3719d ago

"Mail it to New Zealand... so at least one family can move past VHS"

this article is hilarious

MURKERR3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

why not use it to watch oh i duno..........hd-dvd movies?

just because the format got murked by bluray doesnt mean the hd-dvd movies you own are worthless!

when a hd-dvd player goes down to £20 ill buy one,theres still some fine movies out on that format.

akaFullMetal3718d ago

that is true murker, but after a few months from now, there won't be to many movies to buy for it, so if you want new movies for your hd-dvd it just wont be there, and well why would you want that then???

MURKERR3718d ago

but i dont buy a movie watch it once and then forget about it,i like a collection for when the mood takes you to watch what you want when you want ,personally transformers would get alot usage out of me

who knows some hd-dvd movies might go the way of 'samba de amigo' on dreamcast and become collector items

SlappingOysters3718d ago

why not get Blu-ray. At least it will still be getting stuff well into the future.

I guess if you have already have HD-DVD drive and you can pick up 20 or so classics while they are cheap then go for it... but even if you do collect movies in a few years a new generation of consoles will come out and you'll pack up your X360 and it will sit your garage with your BETA player and discman

MURKERR3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

only next-gen console i own is a ps3,360 never appealed to me after hearing about the rrod failure rates,that scared me sh!tless!

but if a standalone hd-dvd player came about cheap and i mean dirt cheap of corse id buy one,films like the matrix and transformers,bourne triology in hi-def yup thats for me

crazy name by the way!!

SlappingOysters3718d ago

So perhaps a more interesting question is: now that HD-DVD is RIP, will the movies that only came out on that format find themselves witha Blu-ray release?

P.S I could tell you what the name means: but it is a little R18+... or maybe X

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Goodfella783718d ago

spray the case blue and find blu-ray stickers to stick to it,then tell all your friends that you work for microsoft, and that this is the first prototype blu-ray drive, that you always wanted and needed for your xbox from the start.peace out.....

SlappingOysters3718d ago

write a story, put it on N4G and let the carnage unfold.

jollygoodchap83718d ago

Pandemonium will ensue and both sides will riot. Middle aged fanboys will make more multiple accounts for flamage and to give themselves more bubbles. OH THE HUMANITY!

good stuff

KidMakeshift3718d ago

Place directly in the toilet

heyheyhey3718d ago

will it react with potassium?

so many questions left unanswered

gah50373718d ago

Come on murkerr its just a joke calm down.

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The story is too old to be commented.