Blu-Ray Out of the Box: Not So Crazy After All?

Zero Continues Editor Mike Caceci explores the option by Sony to include Blu-Ray in every PS3, saying:

"Ever since the launch of the PlayStation 3, critics and analysts across the globe have been questioning the inclusion of Sony's next generation media format in their gaming console. After coming out victorious in the format war with Toshiba's HD-DVD format, and seeing PlayStation 3 sales skyrocket in result, it makes you wonder: Was it so crazy afterall?"

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LightningPS33686d ago

Blu ray = the downfall of Playstation. Not just Blu ray, but that's a big part.

pwnsause3685d ago

??? stop smoking the marijuana, its making you distort things. look at recent sales charts.

heyheyhey3685d ago


explain please

BD is beneficial for hardware sales, games and customers

it's the smartest move Sony ever made- this way they win the format war, help devs hugely with their games and make a ton of extra hardware sales

bluhefner3685d ago

Must've been hanging with Whitney and Bobby before you made that post Light.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33685d ago

Downfall of PlayStation??? ;-D Very funny!!! ;-D

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DJ3685d ago

But it definitely paid off. But the author made a slight error when saying Ratchet & Clank Future and Uncharted bombed at retail. Ratchet's sold around 850,000 units, and Uncharted passed the 1 Million mark back in February.

heyheyhey3685d ago

it paid off on so many levels

now if only the Cell could have more than just Uncharted and [email protected] to show for itself

although im sure KZ2, GT5, Eight Days, Heavy Rain etc etc will help that cause

NO_PUDding3685d ago

Seriosuly hwere was the article writer though.

It said that HD-DVD seemed to be doign well. It sold awfully.

It says R&C and Uncharted Bombed, as yous aid DJ, they did not.

It says that HD-DVD decided to discontinue as if they just made a descision. He didn't mention the fact that about 15 producers jumped ship to Blu-Ray in the space between Christmas and February.

Hmmm, thicko has been hiding under a rock.

Sevir043685d ago

Rachet and Clank Future:TOD has actually sold over 1 million worldwide Out of the mouth of Ted Price in an Interveiw with MTV multiplayer so this article is abit one the weary side of things. Still the road to success is far from complete, Sony still has much ground to cover, bluray was just the begining to stay relevant, Sony will need to bring more software, bolster their online offerings with home, get more studios to support their online PS store with Movies and music alike. and then drop prices on the PS3 to ensure stronger sales.

We Know that Consumers want the PS3 but $400 is still abit hefty, it's more afordable but still hefty.

Mr.Stinger already confirmed that Bluray players will be at a $299 price point this year, that is as absolute a confirmation as the whole world taking shyte. and since PS3 is a bluray player as well it only means that it's not exempt from such a move. I say by Fall 08 at november we will see PS3 sales greatly increase to the point where the Mart will probably throw him self over a cliff. LMAO either way it's still a long road ahead for Sony

MURKERR3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

didnt he just answer his own question?

crck3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Jaffe was asked if he had to take something out of the PS3 what would it be? A load question if ever there was one. Jaffe said if he HAD TO it would be the blu-ray drive so they could sell the box for less. He then added that saying so would probably bite him in the @ss in a year. Because a lot of corporate decisions leave him scratching his head when he first hears about it but eventually ends up being a pretty good move. He actually hit the nail right on the head with his comments.

Lifendz3685d ago

Look at the first round: Sony released a console specializing in 3D games when 2D was the thing to have. Sega's machine did 2D games amazingly. Sony's PS one did 3D and took it to a new level. Round one: Sony

Round 2: Sony releases a console that includes a DVD player. Includes what was at the time the hottest thing to have. My first DVD player was in fact my PS3 (deja vu). PS2 picked up where PS1 left off and some (like myself) said "in Sony we trust".

Round 3: Sony's machine does Blu-ray, free online, wifi standard, standard HDD, and yet we continued to doubt them. Again they took it to a new level, again they ventured into something unknown-blu-ray-when they could have just given us more of the same from the last gen like...well some other platforms did.

See a pattern here guys? They've been running the console business since 96 for a reason.

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Expy3685d ago

"The HD-DVD add-on was relatively successful, however, and the format was no slouch with its exclusive titles. Harboring big titles such as The Matrix and Transformers, things were looking bright for the format."

This article sucks... lol

Rockwallaby3685d ago

it never looked bright for HD-DVD

Jamaicangmr3685d ago

What reality are you apart of? It never looked bright for HD DVD. Maybe to you Microsoft and a few other hopfuls but in reality it was destined to fail. HD DVD camp just carried on the torcher and am sure pissed off a few shareholders.

heyheyhey3685d ago


please note that he is quoting a section from the article and he is actually saying the articles sucks, thus agreeing with your views

Expy3685d ago

@2.3 You're the only one who noticed. lol

Jamaicangmr3685d ago

Thank you didn't notice the quotes. My apologizes Expy.

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heyheyhey3685d ago

"but sadly, great games like Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune bombed at retail."


is a million sold and growing a "bomb" according to you kids nowadays

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