Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Production Started “A Couple Months Before Far Cry 3″ Launched

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a new standalone title with the Far Cry name, is set for release on the PSN this Tuesday, April 30th in North America, with Europe getting it one day later on Wednesday, May 1st. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1611d ago

So, about a 7-8 month dev period? Seems about right.

brodychet1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

looks EPIC though. don't care how long it took.

more concerned about how long it'll take for me to have it. '^'

6 more dayz :3

dbjj120881611d ago

It's like an entirely new game that doesn't require the original game to play so I think it'll be worth it.

Wedge191611d ago

Seems pretty cool, like Far Cry meets Tron

adorie1611d ago

Farcry meets tron meets knight rider meets running man meets terminator meets jurassic park.

Wedge191610d ago

Damn, I need to brush up on my late 80's/early 90's culture.

Lionalliance1611d ago

and so cheap to boot! Imma get it!

Lior1611d ago

Got the game couple of weeks ago on my pc, finished it in around 5 hours.

thechosenone1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

oh look, another PC user who refuses to pay devs for their hard work and then wonders why his platform gets nothing but sh*tty ports. Pendejo!

That-Guy1611d ago

If you read your name out loud, it suits you.

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