New Far Cry 2 details: Expansion already planned?

PSU Writes:

"After a tech demo at Live presented by Patrick Redding, Game and Narrative Designer on the Ubisoft Montreal developed Far Cry 2, we asked Mr. Redding about plans for future downloadable content. Apparently, the infrastructure for future DLC is in place, and apparently some form of expansion is being planned. He also said that depending on the expansion, it might be released on another disc or via DLC methods on the consoles. However, he made clear that they're fully focused on getting the game done, and only have set structure in place to make things slightly easier when they get round to creating more content.

Redding also revealed that they're looking into Sixaxis motion technology, and are looking to their game testers to evaluate the viability of it. We actually asked him about DualShock 3 rumble support, but his answer was far more interesting than inclusion of force feedback."

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chaosatom3333690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

"Supposedly the game will have a simultaneous release on all formats, and a date may be announced in a few weeks time. He also seemed to suggest that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions look pretty much identical, and the recent builds on both consoles look far better then the tech demo he has been showing of the November build. The old build looked amazing as it was, so expect a visual feast from Far Cry 2."

Looks like consoles owners won't be needing crysis anymore.:)

tony3690d ago

looks like the must have game of the year for gamers that likes shooters. this is a a big leap from the last one. i'm very excited about this one.

Sevir043690d ago

i never played the forst farcry which crytek made but i did play crysis and from what Ubi is doing it seems like the need for Crysis on the PS3 and xbox will become Mute, the Dunia engine is said to be just as impressive as the Cryengine 2 on PCs with Max settings, the fact that they have it running on Consoles makes it more impressive, cant wait, The summer cant get here sooner. bring it on.