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Submitted by SpaceSquirrel 950d ago | news

Altus responds to ‘Dragon’s Crown’ pricing complaint

Atlus’ John Hardin has responded to a pricing complaint in regards to the upcoming Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita role-playing video game, “Dragon’s Crown.” (Dragon's Crown, PS Vita, PS3)

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Godmars290  +   950d ago
That's the trouble with PSN/XBL and iPhone titles: despite looks as far as gameplay is concerned generally they're lower quality than PS1 games. This by shown mechanics is much on there level of a PS2 title. it should be $40-$50.
Mounce  +   950d ago
Journey - PSN?....
Godmars290  +   949d ago

Besides, that game is multi-contridiction: a single player title which relies on its online, multiplayer element. Its gameplay though inspiring is limited to move, jump and float, and its graphics though beautiful are minimalist.

Its not a game where your big-boobed sorceresses turns enemies into frogs!

Unless its a PS1/PS2 re-release, nothing offered on PSN has the complexity and content Dragon Crown has shown in its trailers. And that's the real problem: with PS1/PS2 games being on PSN people think that anything more recent of equal quality and content should be priced around $10-$20. And a few years from now DC may very likely show up on the PS4's version of PSN, but for now it has to make its money.

My point is that when those games were being first offered they weren't being offered at $9 and less.
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Larry L  +   949d ago
I was one of the people questioning the price a bit, though I'm not one of the rude ones that are on the blog all the time.

I think $40 COULD be reasonable with proper depth. Like if it's 25-30 hours long to cover branching story lines and side-quests. But I personally want more of a revolution in the genre....especially for $50!! Equipment pieces (head,chest, gaunts, and legs) that actually change your character's appearance just like in a Diablo or Champions of Norrath, weapons too. Even slotted weapons for elemental effects (with particles).

Maybe I'm expecting too much out of the genre, but between Castle Crashers and newer games in Dragon Crown's genre, I think it's totally possible. It's all just cut'n'paste 2-D art pieces, how hard could it be? (yes, I do watch Top Gear). Who knows, maybe this game does have equipment.....very little info outside of character models have been released so far. I do notice that every time they actually talk about this game on the blog, they always mention grinding for loot. That makes me think equipment.

Has anyone even noticed weapon changes in any trailers?

I also HATE the price difference for the PS3 version. I would prefer to buy this on PS3 to play it on a huge screen, but unless it has extra content, I may just have to go with the Vita version if I end up thinking the game is worth $40.

My fingers are crossed while I wait for more actual info. Because I DO want this game.
Kevin ButIer  +   949d ago
50 dollars price doesn't make sense when you compare it to 60 dollars games...
Minato-Namikaze  +   949d ago
Dont think any iphone title is in the same league as FF7, FF9, chrono cross, crash bandicoot, warhawk, g-police, colony wars, or vagrant story.
Inception  +   949d ago
The game isn't out but you already equalize Dragon's Crown with those crap iphone games? -_-
majiebeast  +   949d ago

Thats like comparing a good t bone steak to a a hamburger at mcdonalds.
Qrphe  +   949d ago

This game looks miles away better than any $15 dollar game.
Godmars290  +   949d ago
You're in an article were people are complaining about paying $50 for a game like this because they're use to paying for iPhone level games.
despair  +   949d ago
Clearly you've been playing the wrong PSN/XBL games, quite a few are higher quality than many current gen retail games, and even more are much better than PS2 titles and usually they cost 10-20 bucks range which is a steal. Just like retail releases, there will always be quality games and garbage games released.
zerocrossing  +   949d ago
If vanillaware's Dragons Crown, Odin's Sphere and Muramasa: Demons Blade, prove anything it shows that 2D/3D side-scrollers are still a sustainable genre, if only more devs were willing to dabble in them I think they'd do quite well.
Godmars290  +   949d ago
American devs were never really fond of pixel/sprite games, and the first thing that told me this gen was in trouble was that the graphic style had become cost prohibitive on consoles. Look at how long its taken to get this game out from its announcement. How Legend of Heroes has been changed from its PSP to PS3 versions.

Really have nothing against 3D, but that's all they were thinking of when they 360 and Ps3 were made. Wish they had been looking of a balance.
FamilyGuy  +   948d ago
People think this is some indie psn title yet this is a full fledged game that's been in development for YEARS. $50 is at most $10 over what the price should be and that $10 is because of a new publisher having to take control over this title just so it would see the light of day. They need their cut or we would get nothing.

This isn't a short budget title
All characters and backgrounds are hand drawn and extremely detailed.

If the game was a short budget title it wouldn't be taking till Aug to release as since this game was originally shown almost 2 years ago. It'd be done already.

Note the "687d ago" and they're still months from completion.

Also I hope this reanimated corpse thing stays in the final build

Would you guys have expected Castlevania Symphony of the Night to be $20 when it originally released on the ps1? Just because it's a side-scroller doesn't mean it's not a full game.

I personally can't wait to co-op dungeon crawl the hell outta this game.
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TongkatAli  +   950d ago
Vanillaware, nuff said.
Inception  +   949d ago
Sadly, gamer in this new generation don't have a clue who's Vanillaware.
majiebeast  +   949d ago
Yeah they only know COD. Odin SPhere started my love for Vanillaware games.
Dark_Overlord  +   949d ago
Don't forget Grim Grimoire too, damn that was a great strategy game :)
The Great Melon  +   949d ago
All of these are such good games. My money is in my hand already.
gano  +   950d ago
40 bang, whats the problem.
Cirehpsa  +   950d ago
I would easily pay $250 for Odin Sphere, despite hating it's guts for being a pain in the ass.
Cirehpsa  +   950d ago
Actually I wish we could've gotten Princess Crown, I think that was my favorite.
gano  +   949d ago
Did you say spiritual successor to princess crown,
for vita!?
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DivineAssault  +   949d ago
If only Princess crown would get remastered for vita.. Who knows? If this sells well, we might see it.. Or a port at least
Cirehpsa  +   949d ago
It's a shame but I'm pretty sure all the assets were lost in a fire or something a long time ago, which is why we never got an English release, and why the PSP release in Japan is actually just running in the Sega Saturn PSP emulator that Sony made.
fermcr  +   950d ago
50$ (in Europe probably 50€). At that price, no thanks. You can keep the game.
Heavenly King  +   949d ago
It should be $20-$30 on the VITA and $40 at most on the PS3.

It will flop just like Rayman origins at $60
Minato-Namikaze  +   949d ago
these companies are gonna learn to give me cross buy or suffer, lol
Qrphe  +   949d ago
It sold over 2 million copies, hardly a flop.
jetlian  +   949d ago
selling 2 million at what price is whats important. Originally this was listed at 30 dollars.

They need to come down. I will get it but its not a day one at that price. And for people acting like there isnt games like this look at dust,shank, mark of the ninja.

All have better looking visuals and all are 15 dollars or 50 dollars thats near full blown ps3 games even 40 on vita is uncharted level
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swansong  +   949d ago
Day one purchase for me,but if you don't like the price don't buy it or wait for a price drop.
Neckbear  +   949d ago
This whole "2D games should be cheap as fuck!" thing is ridiculous, you have no idea how much effort goes into making a 2D game that looks this good. It takes even more work than 3D in most cases.
Natso  +   949d ago
I disagree.

2D Games generally take less work than 3D games. Especially on the technical side.

I do agree, however, that just because a game is 2D, that it should not automatically be set at a lower price point. I can see why this is what most assume, though.
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crazysammy  +   949d ago
@Natso you are incorrect. Hand drawing and animating 2D takes much longer than modeling and animating in 3D. Its why now even 2D games are done with 3D models.
Natso  +   949d ago
If 2D games are now using 3D models, then you just admitted that the main concern for workload involved in the production of a 2D game is nullified in many cases.

On top of that, art assets created for a game such as Limbo or The Binding of Isaac have undoubtedly taken less effort to produce, than a game such as Uncharted or Beyond: Two Souls. And since we're talking about "most cases" here (check the OP), look at the majority of 2D games and tell me that more work goes into them than "most" 3D games. That's entirely wrong. If "most" 2D games looked like Dragon's Crown, then I'd agree with you (at least in regards to the art team), but most of them don't look anywhere close to that level of detail.

You underestimate the amount of effort put into 3D art. There's a reason that it takes multiple people to create a single asset(modeling, texturing, animation, often times mo-cap), whereas hand-drawing a whole spritesheet is done by a single person.

Even then, we're only talking about art. When it comes to programming, 2D games require 2 fields of depth, whereas 3D games add the Z-axis. If the team is developing their own engine, you can almost guarantee that this is a huge factor in workload.
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crazysammy  +   949d ago
@natso Obviously I meant projects on the same scale. Of course games like Binding of Isaac have 2D models that don't take as long as characters from Uncharted. Those games have different scopes and different budgets.

When I say 3D models in 2D I mean perspective. Why do many of the remakes of games like Double Dragon, Bionic Commando (rearmed), and TMNT reshelled have 3D models on the 2D plane? Because it is cheaper to make them on that scale. These models are also done by one person and much faster since most modeling programs have presets for animations. have you seen the new Photoshop? You just drag in 3d models and paint on them. No need to unwrap the model and go through all the work that used to be needed in early 3D.

Lastly I am talking about the art side not about a company that is making its own engine. The amount of "engine construction" is hardly any different for 2D and 3D. Again this is considering that the scope of the projects are the same.
Natso  +   949d ago
Yes, but we aren't talking about projects of the "same scale". We're talking about "most cases", as Neckbear stated.
MestreRothN4G  +   949d ago
"Dragon’s Crown has a price tag of $49.99 on the Playstation 3 in addition to $39.99 on the Playstation Vita."

LOL What a joke!

Auto-off the radar. Congratulations, Atlus. Don't complain when people pirate the hell out of it.
InTheLab  +   949d ago
Yeah...that's ridiculous. I was so looking forward to this game. This thing should cost no more than $40 on PS3 with cross buy.
memots  +   949d ago
yup same here. Vita game to me MAX should be $30 as a download , Like 24.99 might be the sweet spot.

But for PS3 and Vita if they do not do cross buy then they should at least offer a bundle price like they did with Assassin creed 3 but without the over $100 price tag lol
Knushwood Butt  +   949d ago
It's well pricey in Japan too.

6,699 JPY on Amazon, which is 67 USD!! You've got it cheap in the US...
SolidDuck  +   949d ago
How does anyone know what the game is worth till it comes out. I mean dragons crown looks awesome, and Altus and vanillaware have damn fine track records in my opinion.
NukeDaHippies  +   949d ago
Atlus tends to poop gold. 40 or 50 dollors is a cheap price to clean their toilet out. If u fellas are too scared to touch smelly gold for that much it's ur loss.

i'll mess their floor up for when u guys come crawling back.
tarbis  +   949d ago
$40 for this game on PSV??? DOA5+ is only $40 w/ free dlcs. I'm expecting this to be $20 - $25 on PSV. I'll wait for the price to come down. Atlus, I'm disappoint.
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PurpHerbison  +   949d ago
Game looks great.
Brucis  +   949d ago
Are people complaining about a $50 price tag? Because it's 2D it's 'too pricey' despite the fact that it's usually more difficult to do everything in 2D, especially at Vanillaware's level of detail? Bunch of whiners here. You guys want Atlus to give you gold for the price of copper.
TronEOL  +   949d ago
I personally believe $40 is a perfectly fine price for this game. Compare the quality to ANY other game of it's type available and you'll see why it's worth it's dollar. Depth, Animations, quality of art, etc.
VampHuntD  +   949d ago
I'm one of the folks that ordered the game on amazon when it was $30. I emailed them after they canned orders and got them to add a credit after the game ships. My copy is still $30. (And wasn't it going to have Cross-buy?)
kupomogli  +   949d ago
Mine also. I preordered the PS3 version though so I'm getting it for $40. I'll eventually get the Vita version once it hits $20.
VampHuntD  +   949d ago
Mine is PS3 too. I got them to offer the credit because they canceled orders from when it was $30 and the price bumped to $50. Since it was available on amazon, I got a rep to give me he original price. Pre-order price guarantee :)
gokuking  +   949d ago
It was never going to be Cross Buy. Ignition simply had priced both versions of the game at $30.
worldwidegaming  +   949d ago
I will just wait until the final reviews before dropping that kind of cash. Is it worth it? Do let me know.
porkChop  +   949d ago
Woah, what? $40?! No way. I thought this was a $15 PSN game. No way am I paying that much. I'll wait for a sale.
Losyak  +   949d ago
Did seriously NOBODY catch Altus instead of Atlus?
Veneno  +   949d ago
I think the disdain of Dragon's Crown's price superseded any spelling errors.
DivineAssault  +   949d ago
Whats wrong with the price?? Vanilla ware games are fantastic! Ill be going with the vita version as long as there isnt any compromises.. But if i didnt have a vita, i wouldnt have a problem with a $50 price tag.. Its not an indie psn title
LoaMcLoa  +   949d ago
Indeed, they're making art here!

The attention to detail is unbelievable.. Which obviously takes a lot of effort and time to make. But apparently these casuals complaining wouldn't know about that.. It's not some cheap indie-game done in Flash.

Shouldn't you all complain about games like Call of Duty and LA Noire that uses MO-cap in just about every aspect, in other words: Not having to put any effort in animation, AT ALL?

I'll be buying this game day one, so I'll atleast support the developers. Funny how people always complain about that developers these days never do something original and when they finally do, the consumers never buy them (AKA Brutal Legend, Pshyconauts, Rayman Origins, Mirrors Edge)
kupomogli  +   949d ago
The people complaining about the price, I'd like you to just look at every single trailer released and read up on the interviews.

Graphically the game is absolutely amazing, and one of the best looking 2D games on any console. When looking at the gameplay, it's a much faster and fluid 2D beat em up. Think back to every 2D beat em up title you've ever played and do any really look as good as this one with the few gameplay segments you can see in the trailers?

I really don't think this game warrants your complaints. If it does, then other games that warrant just as much complaining is every single CoD released starting with Modern Warfare, Dead Island, any fighting game, etc. All these games rip graphics and/or gameplay from a prequel title, so why should they sell for $40-$60.

You people have no idea what the length of the game is, how many unique areas are in the game, what the alternate gameplay mechanics are, etc. Nothing. Even if the fact that it's 2D did matter, does a games value no longer matter as well?
dorron  +   949d ago
Dropped to 20$ in two months...
Veneno  +   949d ago
Can anyon3 tell me if the game will have a ps3 disc or vita cartdrige release or is this PSN only?
Inception  +   949d ago
BD & vita cartridge. No words for PSN.
Heavenly King  +   949d ago
The VITA has always PSN versions.
fsfsxii  +   949d ago
People love to whine about the prices, while they buy the same rehashed titles every year. I'll buy the game if i like it, from the trailers, i think i do like it.
gokuking  +   949d ago
They should be responding as to why there's no Cross-Play support for PSVita and PS3 multiplayer.
o-Sunny-o  +   949d ago
I would pay 100$ for Persona 4 easy! This ^ game is about 30$ max.
#27 (Edited 949d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
MoreRPG  +   949d ago
honestly i think 50 dollars for the ps3 version is a bit too much ill wait till it drop to $30
jc48573  +   949d ago
I have this game preordered for 29.99 plus tax.
Arai  +   949d ago
This "article" is based on what an Atlus rep on the PSBlog said in reply to someone, leave it to examiner to blow things out of proportion.
As for the pricing, I don't see anything wrong with 40 USD.

For me personally Vanillaware's games are like collectables.
Simply because their artwork is amazing as well as the games they make.
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