Next Xbox Details Leaked

Chris writes: "An anonymous, but totally verified, source within Microsoft contacted us early this morning with a slew of official details about Microsoft’s next entry into the console arena, including system specs, functionality, a name, and some things that nobody was expecting."

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MonkeyNinja1673d ago

Before N4G implodes on itself, let me be the first to say that this is a satire article. It's not real.

Funny though. Good read.

Sev1673d ago

I didn't think it was funny at all.

MaroonersRock1672d ago

I know. What a hack, right?

MaroonersRock1672d ago

Thanks! You'd be surprised how many people, even with the closing disclaimer, completely missed the point.

NexGen1672d ago

You have no point. It was an attempt to be funny - it wasn't.

At this point, the MS rumormill has simply churned out too much garbage and people are starting to care less because of conflicting rumor overload.

While you may have perceived your writing as humorous, either due to your attempt at satire, or for personal enjoyment while trolling the gullible/stupid, in the end you have only further annoyed gamers. Had it actually been funny, it might have been more palatable. As it stands, this "article" is just a failure on all fronts from a random, hit seeking blog.

Please return to obscurity so that we all may forget you exist.

Walker1673d ago

"Processor: An unannounced collaboration between Microsoft and Intel resulting in a processor that has been designed exclusively for the Box. The Box will boast a dual processor setup, with each x86-64 processor sporting 16 cores with HyperThreading, expanding the 32 physical cores to a total of 64 physical and virtual cores as needed.

Memory: GDDR5 16GB"

LOL, wut ??!!

ComBaTs0uL1673d ago

What a pointless pile of crap that was.

SlavisH21673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

This will be a beast if true! SSD! 16gb of gddr5, 64 physical and virtual cores. m$ would retake its crown as most powerful but that doesnt mean it will win! snes, ps2,ds,3ds, wii were not the most powerful and had the most sales!

FITgamer1672d ago

I really hope you aren't that gullible.

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