Iwata takes over as Nintendo of America president

Japanese game maker's top executive takes control of North American operation. Nintendo’s global president Saturo Iwata has taken on the extra role of CEO of Nintendo of America, following an annual sales report on Wii U maker’s business.

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Donnieboi1824d ago

Wow, I wonder if this is a crazy power grab. Instead of admitting his mistakes, it feels like he's trying to strengthen his position by usurping Reggie's. SMH.

Whether Iwata should retire or not, is besides the point. This move is kinda strange.

majiebeast1824d ago

Reggie was never NOA CEO that was some Japanese guy, Reggie is COO his position doesnt change with this.

NewMonday1824d ago

Reggie is the one that kept away games like Xenoblade and Last Story so long that I stopped caring, he can go away.

Donnieboi1824d ago

Yeah I know, his name is Tatsumi Kimishima. But it still kinda makes it look as if Iwata is saying that the American headquarters is not doing what it's supposed to be doing. And that reflects on Reggie too.

auragenz1824d ago

How is the message that American HQ is not performing when it's CEO was promoted?

darthv721824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

are on the CEO of nintendo of america. Not reggie as many would think. reggie is the COO and as such the voice of the american market (he does speak better english than the CEO).

Chief operating officer reports to the CEO but its the CEO that calls the shots on the direction the company takes within the territory. Perhaps the idea is that Iwata wants to make changes that the current CEO was not fond of.

We will know more come E3 and if there will be a flood of new games announced for the US market.

@auragenz...I dont know how it works in Japan but promoted from CEO to managing director does not sound like a step up. More like a pass to the side.

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hano1824d ago

IMO Reggie wasn't doing a great job, so this can only be good.

Klonopin1824d ago

Hopefully. Reggie has become a joke...Not a good thing for Nintendo.

hollabox1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

As predicted in a couple of my post last month. NOJ will scapegoat Reggie, make it look like its the American office not holding up their end of the bargain. As I said before if this continues expect NOJ to announce a new system, Reggie has been fired, and apologize to their fans in the next 3 years or so.

Reggie needs to resign before Satoru Iwata ruins his reputation. I think Satoru Iwata is the problem, Reggie can only do soo much with the hand he is dealt.

3-4-51824d ago

I don't think Reggie's body was ready for that one.

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kirbyu1824d ago

So......does Reggie leave the company now? I'm confused.

maniacmayhem1824d ago

From the article:

"NoA’s current COO and president Reggie Fils-Aime will report to Iwata."

kirbyu1824d ago

So, what does that mean?

MasterCornholio1824d ago

It means that Reggie is Iwatas b!itch.


And its a good thing as well because that zombie (Wii U conference reference) needs some taming.

Motorola RAZR i

maniacmayhem1824d ago

It means he's not going anywhere he is still the COO of NA while Iwata will be the CEO.

cleft51824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

This is actually a good thing. Because before Reggie had to go through the CEO of NoA before he could get anything done. Now he reports directly to Iwata so that means things can actually get things done quicker. There is a reason that Nintendo of Europe gets so many good things while NoA keeps getting second hand garbage. Clearly the Japanese guy, Tatsumi Kimishima, was only a hindrance.

They effectively put Tatsumi Kimishima in an early retirement and now NoA will see some good changes come the US way.

Donnieboi1824d ago

That is certainly one way of looking at it. Wow, this was definitely a subtle way of shifting power, IF your assumption is right. Man, it's like watching someone put their own dog to sleep...Kinishima on the other hand, may not have even realized that he was gimped lol.

Your theory is pretty interesting when considered.

Erimgard1824d ago

No, the person got this article headline wrong. Iwata is NOT the Nintendo of America President. He's retaining his Global President title and taking over as CEO of America. Reggie's job won't change at all, except that he no longer has a boss in between him and Iwata. He now reports directly to Iwata while still performing his duties as President and COO.

Donnieboi1824d ago

I don't know if that's true. Even so if I could have changes the title n4g would force me to keep title intact to the article.

Erimgard1824d ago


Did you read the report before posting it? The only time Nintendo of America's President Reggie Fils-Aime is mentioned at all is when it states that he is retaining his job and will report directly to Iwata.

The CEO has been replaced (not fired, he's been transferred to Japan) and the President is keeping the exact same job.

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Garrison1824d ago

This move by Nintendo is kinda confusing. According to the article Reggie will now report directly to Iwata thou so he is still in there.

XabiDaChosenOne1824d ago

Nintendo isn't going anywhere positive with this guy taking over, that I can guarantee.

cleft51824d ago

Says the random person on the internet. Despite what people like Michael Pacter says, Iwata is actually a really great CEO. But you have to judge him by his actions at Nintendo of Japan. NoJ is really profitable, but NoA clearly is not doing well.

That blame for how poorly Nintendo is doing in America falls on the CEO of NoA, Tatsumi Kimishima. Iwata got the blame because Michael Pacter likes to stir the pot and get his name mentioned. Considering how well NoJ is doing I am willing to see what Iwata can do with NoA. Because it certainly can't be much worse than Tatsumi Kimishima. By the way before this big change no one even knew who Tatsumi Kimishima was and thats not a good thing. Most people assumed Reggie was running the show.

sway_z1824d ago

Whatever the re-shuffle or appointing...Let's hope some good games arrive...and pronto!

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